What’s Emo Hair?

If you like rock or punk music, then you must be familiar with emo hair. This hairstyle that can express emotions and personality has been loved by most young people as early as the early 2000s. How to cut or style your emo hair? Keep reading.

What’s Emo Hair?

emo hair

Emo hair became popular in the early 2000s and is popular with both men and women. Known for its unique and flamboyant cuts, bright colors, and side-swept bangs, it is often defined as a personalized and rebellious hairstyle. This hairstyle was originally inspired by rock and punk music and was later adopted by emo youth as a fashionable hairstyle to express emotion and rebellion.

Who Started the Emo Hair?

Emo hairstyles first became known through emo music, which is a type of punk music that is better at using music to express the musician's inner sensitivity and fluctuating emotions. Those who perform emotional music often wear dark clothes, exaggerated accessories, earrings, etc., with side-swept bangs covering one eye, and layered hair with gorgeous highlights, making them eye-catching. This type of hair later became known as emo hair. Emo hair became mainstream in the early 2000s and continues to this day.

How To Cut Emo Hair?

You can decide on the style of hair you want before you start cutting, keeping a photo nearby as a reference. You will then need to wash and blow dry your hair before starting the cut. It's easier to see both sides of your hair if you have two mirrors, but one mirror will also suffice.

Divide your hair into sections and secure the rest with clips so you don't get in the way of trimming one section. Look at your inspiration photo and determine how many layers you want and where to start trimming. When trimming bangs, use the tip of the scissors to cut at a 45-degree angle. Cutting a little at a time can leave more space for your creation, which can ensure that each layer of hair can blend better.

Remember: The key to emo hair is side-swept bangs that cover your eyes. Make sure your bangs are close to your cheekbones or chin.

How To Style Emo Hair?

Although emo hair is a low-maintenance hairstyle, in order to express its own exaggeration and personality, you need to do some styling before showing it to the public.

First, you need to use a comb to comb your bangs along one side so that it covers one side of your forehead, and use hairspray or colored hairpins to fix and decorate.

Next, comb the rest of your hair back until your hair looks really full and full.

Finally, give your hair a makeover to your liking. Most emo hair bangs are straight, if your hair is naturally curly you can achieve it with the help of heat styling tools. Many emotional people will dye their hair black or bleach it blonde, etc. You can also add highlights or change your hair to a different color according to your preference.

What Are the Popular Emo Hair Styles?

There are many types of emo hair and they are constantly updated with the changes of the times. Each one has its own characteristics. Here are a few common types of emo hair:

Classical Emo Hair: The classic emo hairstyle requires us to have long, straight hair with well-defined layers to create a wavy, textured look. Side-parted bangs are the most important.

Classical Emo Hair

Fluffy Emo Hair: Emo hair is a great way to visually enhance your hair volume, and giving it enough layers can make your hair more voluminous and natural.

Fluffy Emo Hair

Short Emo Hair: The short emo is a shorter variation of the classic emo haircut, featuring a chin-length bob with choppy, textured layers.

Short Emo Hair

Curly Emo Hair: This is also an emo hairstyle that many people will try. Long and straight bangs sweep across the forehead, and the rest of the hair is curly, making it more retro.

Curly Emo Hair

Mullet Emo Hair: This is a variation of the classic mullet hairstyle, similar in that they both have long hair at the back and short, layered hair on top.

Mullet Emo Hair


The design of emo hair is flexible, and you can boldly make changes to the classic emo to better express your heart and style.

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