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What’s the V Part Wig/U Part Wig?

A v part wig human hair is a wig that is modified half wig with a v-shaped opening at the top that allows you to use your natural hair to cover up the leave out.

As the name suggests, there is a u-shaped leave out on the forehead of u part wig human hair.

What do They Have in Common?

  • Friendly for Beginners, fitness enthusiasts, and busy moms
  • No glue, No sew-in
  • They can be fixed well with adjustable bands as well as clips.
  • You can do any hairstyle, such as middle part, side part, or half up half down hairstyle.
  • They can give the most natural-looking hairline.
  • U Part VS V Part Wig, What’s The Difference?

    Their difference in shape is obvious, the shape of the opening is u-shaped and v-shaped.

    U part wig has minimal leave out, so people can put their real hair to cover the opening. V part wigs have minimal, almost negligible missing leave out for the most natural look even without using your hair to cover.

    Are V Part Wigs Good?

    V part wig no leave-out is known for being natural, easy, time-saving, and low maintenance. You don't have to suffer from chemical agents like glue on your hair and skin, and you don't have to spend a lot of time every day wearing or maintaining wigs. Even if you are new to wigs, you can create a perfect and natural hairstyle in the shortest time.