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Buy Now Pay Later With Zip Quadpay In Sunber Hair

We’ll share some questions about Zip Quadpay and help you to find the best hair bundles or wigs to suit your style and your budget.Sunber hair offers the payment method “Buy Now Pay Later”.You can shop online with Sun...

2022 Christmas Wig Gifts For All Women, Are You Wig-Ready?

Tag: christmas wig

Come to the Christmas Wig Sale Carnival Party, offering special events and discounts to celebrate the upcoming Christmas season. See what benefits you can get.

Merry Christmas or Pinkmas? The Most Complete Christmas Party Wigs Ideas

Tag: christmas wig · sunber hair

Are you going to decorate Christmas in the new year with the traditional colors of green, red, and gold, or choose the gentle and bright new popular color pink? Have you ever heard of Merry Pimkmas? How to decorate yo...

12 Ways to Protect Your Natural or Curly Hair in Winter

Tag: hair care

In winter, curly hair is easy to appear impetuous, flying, bifurcation and other phenomena. You must keep your natural hair hydrated and protect it from the weather, these are what you should know.

12 Natural Ways To Make Your Hair Smell Good

Tag: hair care · Wig Knowledge

Few things are more glamorous than having a signature scent, which is why we believe our hair should smell as good as the perfume we spray on our skin. Whether you're trying to cover up odor from sweating or just w...

Kinky Edges Wig VS Melted Hairline Wigs, How To Choose?

Tag: lace front wigs

In the era of popular wigs, women are also pursuing a more natural and perfect appearance while pursuing beauty and fashion. So how do you choose between a melted hairline and a kinky edges wig?

Partial And Full highlights, How To Choose?

Tag: highlight wig

Partial And Full highlights, how To Choose? Maybe this question is hard to answer for most consumers. So we make a comparsion and hope our consumers to know what they love at last.

Myriam Fares's Curly Hair, Do You Want To Have One?

Tag: Curly Hair

A curly wig is a great everyday alternative to other hairstyles. It makes you look younger and gives your entire look a new look. So why not buy one for yourself?

For Big Heads, Do Wigs Fit All Head Sizes?

Tag: sunber hair · wigs for big heads

Are you still worried about whether you can wear a wig for the size of your head? In order to let everyone get a comfortable wearing experience, most wigs have S, M, and other attributes for everyone to choose from. Y...

Which is better to buy, Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Tag: Cyber Monday

Black Friday or Cyber Monday, they are close to many consumers. But which is better to buy is a tough question, so we are here and tell you more to understand.

How To Become A Wig Influencer?

Tag: sunber hair · wig influencer

We pay attention to the voice of every customer, and they like to judge the quality of the items by browsing some influential people’s pics or videos before they are going to buy. It is undeniable that almost anyone c...

Curtain Bangs vs. Bottleneck Bangs, Which One Is Better?

Tag: bottleneck bangs · curtain bangs

Curtain Bangs vs. Bottleneck Bangs, this is a hit topic that we want to explain for our consumers in details. We have the right to become beautiful in different ways.

Toupee VS Topper VS Wig, What Are the Differences Among Them?

Hair loss is no longer a sign of old age. Due to the pressure of life and work, many young people have begun to experience the pain of hair loss or receding hairline. In addition to daily relief and stress reduction, ...

Fizzy Wigs, How Do You Keep Them In Good Condition?

Tag: hair care

We all know that when we use wigs every day without taking care of them, they tend to lose their texture and color. Let's try to find out what makes your wig frizzy.

Baby Hair For A Wig, The Icing On The Cake

Tag: baby hair

Do you like a wig with a baby hair? If you are wearing a human hair wig, baby hair helps make your hair look very natural. It can help you achieve fuller, more realistic hair.

Everything You Need To Know About Braiding Your Hair Under A Wig

Tag: braid hair

Braiding hair under a wig is one of the most popular ways to wear hair under a wig. Although braids are not as flat as other styles, they protect the hair and make it easier for women to manage. In addition, it provid...

Do You Know the Drag Queen Wigs?

Tag: drag wigs

Drag queen wigs are an essential part of any drag show, and there are a variety of hairstyles to choose from. For everyday or casual fun, girls have a wide variety of gorgeous wigs to choose from, from fluffy Jerry cu...

Three Method To Wear A Wig If You Have Long Hair

Tag: Wig Knowledge

Wigs are great, but they can be difficult to wear if you have long hair. So today we introduce three ways to wear a wig if you have a long hair.

Revamping A Wig VS. Buying A Wig

Tag: Wig Knowledge

For some consumers, revamping old wigs is even more exciting than buying a new wig, since the process is unique. So this paper analyzes how to revamp old wigs.

How To Answer You Are Wearing A Wig?

Tag: Wig Knowledge

When asked, " Is that your real hair?"When used, you may be surprised, especially as a beginner wig wearer. This article provides some methods for your reference.