Why Is Broccoli Top Hair Popular?

Whether you only know broccoli top hair from watching funny videos on TikTok or being recommended by friends, we can’t deny that it has broken barriers and become one of the most popular fashion hairstyles. But broccoli hair isn't set in stone, and you can achieve it whether you have straight or curly hair.

What Is Broccoli Hair?

broccoli hair for women

The broccoli top hair look, also known as the bird's nest look, is famous for having very short sides or shaved hair with high curls on the top of the head. Although it is the pinnacle of the Gen Z look, it is ubiquitous in today's era. Because the outline of this hairstyle is very similar to the shape of broccoli, it is called broccoli hair. The secret to how it can help you attract attention is that the shorter the sides and the longer the top, the stronger the look.

How To Get Broccoli Hair?

The method of cutting broccoli hair will vary depending on your needs.

1. Traditional Broccoli Hair Cut.

At this time, you need to cut the hair on the sides and back short, leaving enough hair on the top of the head to facilitate styling. You can choose to have the hair at the back all very short or with a gradual fade, but be sure to keep the hair at the top voluminous and thick.

2. Broccoli Mohawk.

This hairstyle requires you not to shave all the hair below the hairline, but to shave some over the hairline to allow the hair to grow into a mohawk, which will make you look sharper and edgier.

3. Braid Broccoli Hair.

Instead of a traditional look, you can braid your natural hair long enough to wrap around your head, which not only keeps it stylish but also makes for a nice protective style.

4. Soft Broccoli Hair.

If you feel that traditional broccoli hair is too straight, you can try tapering the hair on your sides and back rather than shaving it straight and evenly, which will give you a fuller look.

Why Is Broccoli Hair Popular?

Unique things tend to grab people's attention in the first place, and the broccoli hairstyle was created precisely in the Z era, which also indicates its subsequent popularity and popularity.

Because this era is proud of being different, and they are good at using the Internet to spread and expand the impact of a new thing. Broccoli top hair quickly became popular in that era because of its bold and unique features, and due to people's continuous attempts and improvements, it also exists in more forms in the current era.

5 Classical Broccoli Top Hair

Straight Broccoli Hair

Straight Broccoli Hair

The straight broccoli top hairstyle can help us break our inherent ideas. This bold look is not only possible with curly hair but also with straight hair. All you need to do is separate your hair into small, messy layers, and it’s also friendly to people with thinning hair.

Broccoli Hair with Shape-Up

Broccoli Hair with Shape-Up

Shape-up hairstyles can help you better shape your facial features. Depending on your preference, you can go soft or sharp with messy and wild broccoli hair, and the perfect combination of the two can add some fun to your look.

Broccoli Top Hair with Artistic

Broccoli Top Hair with Artistic

If you feel like the broccoli hairstyle makes the sides of your hair look blank and boring, then you can use your artistic talents to create something creative with your hair. Simple line drawings or cute simple drawings will add points to your look.

V-Shaped Broccoli Hair

V-Shaped Broccoli Hair

Shaving the hair at the back into a V-shape will draw all the attention to your shoulders and neck. Combining it with your superior necklines or personalized tattoos will make you look more attractive. If you're going to a party or music festival, retro or punk clothing is perfect.

Side-Swept Broccoli Hair

Side-Swept Broccoli Hair

Sweeping your broccoli hair to the side and creating a messy yet layered look will give you a different look. If paired with a warm hair color, it will turn you into an elegant and retro prince or princess. Pair it with different styles of clothes and you can attend any casual or formal occasion.


Although broccoli hair is more popular among men, more and more women are also trying this fashionable and bold style. It is not only a summer companion for most people, but also a time-saving and low-maintenance cost artifact. If you want to highlight your temperament and charm, then curly broccoli hair can help you discover your beautiful features and face.

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