All About 80s Mullet Wig

Do you want to try any short hairstyles during summer? When everyone is still choosing the classic bob wig, the mullet wig has come on strong. This trendy cut continued in the 1980s and has become one of the styles that many men and women love and pursue. In the following content, you will learn more about this hairstyle.

What’s The Mullet Wig?


The mullet hairstyle is a fashion icon in the 1980s. After being popularized by David Bowie, it quickly became popular among many influential figures and became all the rage. Although this hairstyle is commonly seen in men, more and more women are also trying this stylish cut. At the end of 2010, the mullet shape was promoted by K-pop idols, and gradually appeared in front of the public in the form of a wolf cut.

How To Cut A Wig Into A Mullet?

Before cutting the mullet hairstyle, we need to prepare several tools: scissors, wig holder, comb, etc.

Although we can do styling on the head directly after putting on the wig, it will be more convenient to use the wig holder.

First of all, determine the length of the tail hair, first roughly trim the outline with scissors.

Second, finely cut, the mullet look is popular for its layers, so we need to thin our hair and create layers. Try to control the length of the wig on the top of the head above the ears so that it can be contrasted with the long tail on the back.

Finally, put on the trimmed wig and style it. The bangs of the mullet wig can be with or without according to your own preferences.

What Are The Differences Between Wolf Cut And Mullet Wig?

The wolf-cut style has set off waves on DouYin and Tik Tok successively and has become a bold and fashionable style pursued by many girls. There are many similarities between the two, and to a certain extent, the wolf cut may have been improved from the mullet hair. But there are two main differences between them:


1. Mullet haircut has always had a male audience from the beginning, even though some women have also started to try it. While wolf-cut wigs are suitable for both men and women, they are also suitable for short and medium hair.

2. They are also layered in a different way. A mullet hairstyle with a bowl shape at the top will gather volume at the bangs, and you can also leave long sections where you want to elongate, which will optimize your cheekbones and jawline. The wolf cut has more even layers, with shorter hair at the top and lengthens at the neck, giving it a wolf-like wild look.

Where Can I Buy A Mullet Wig?

If you want to experience designing mullet hair by yourself, any wig shop can be your choice, such as Sunber Hair, you can choose any color and wave you like, and then trim on this basis.

If you want to buy a mullet wig directly, then you can browse Amazon and AliExpress or search keywords “mullet wig” directly on Google to buy.


A mix of pixie and mullet shape results in a mullet hair look that is easy to maintain and compatible with most textures. It is fashionable and trendy and can add a lot of surprises and fun to our boring life.

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