Do You Find Ice Cream Hair Attractive?

We all have a feverish desire for new things and we all scream for ice cream hair! This slightly cartoonish hairstyle burst onto the fashion scene in a short period of time, and hairstylists around the world began experimenting with bright ice cream-colored hairstyles. Read on and try out an ice cream haircut to ring in the new year!

What’s Ice Cream Hair?

The ice cream hairstyle gets its name from its appearance and unique layers that resemble ice cream. It is a modern interpretation of the classic short back and side hair. The top part is longer and is designed into layers. Some hairstylists will also match some accessories with your hair to achieve better results.

The most classic ice cream hair is a fluffy hairstyle with a rounded top and flipped edges upward and outward. As everyone continues to innovate, more different styles of ice cream hairstyles have emerged. Ice cream hair is voluminous and popular among all ages, and is one of the latest hair trends this year.

How Does Ice Cream Hair Cut Appear?

ice cream for kids

Although the popularity of the ice cream hair has spread rapidly on TikTok, it cannot be denied that some people think it is the ugliest hairstyle they have ever seen.

In fact, quite a few kids and adults are trying the ice cream haircut, and it has even become an eye-catching hairstyle for parties, and Halloween Day.

Ice cream hairstyles can help you express joy and creativity with exaggerated or cute designs. A successful ice cream hairstyle can not only bring you a sense of accomplishment, but also bring joy and playfulness to those around you.

How To Get An Ice Cream Hair at Home?

ice cream hair cut

Achieving classic ice cream hair at home won't take much of your time, but you'll need to put some effort into your hair before everything begins. You need to keep your hair at least 4 inches long so it doesn't look too short when doing the curled edges of ice cream hair.

You need to wash and blow-dry your hair before flipping it over. In order to reduce the damage caused by heat styling to your hair, try to spray a heat-protecting spray before using a hair dryer.

Use a round brush and a blow dryer to flip up and style the edges of your hair. Repeat 2-3 times for each section of hair until you get the shape you want.

To make your hairstyle last longer, you can use hairspray to help style it.

The Many Sides of the Ice Cream Hair:

Ice cream hairstyles are flexible and everyone can choose any one according to their preference.

Classic Fluffy Ice Cream Hair: This is a hairstyle that both boys and girls can try. The raised edges will make your hair fluffier and increase the volume of your hair.

Classic Fluffy Ice Cream Hair

High Ice Cream Hair: It uses ideas from the common ice cream look to add height to the top of the head for a more eye-catching look.

High Ice Cream Hair

Ice Cream Hair with Accessories: Pair it with cone-style hair accessories to give your hairstyle a whole new look.

Ice Cream Hair with Accessories

Ice Cream Color Hair: No one can resist the charm of ice cream tones, and candy-colored hairstyles will make every girl feel confident and sunny.

Ice Cream Color Hair


Because of its uniqueness, the ice cream hairstyle can be a good conversation starter. The bold and imaginative style can help you step out of your comfort zone and explore a more interesting soul. The variety of ice cream also satisfies more people's different pursuits of aesthetics and can encourage everyone to participate in the creation and express personality and joy.

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