What is The Best Hair Type For Sew In Weave?

Hair is very important for women and girls. Hair weaves are great options for anyone looking to grow their natural hair out. The beauty is that you’ll protect your natural hair, the best human hair for sew in weave limits damage, and you get to have a real natural look and unique beauty.

Everyone of us wants to adopt new hair styles and it is only possible if you have thick, shiny, long and healthy hair. With different hairstyles you can add more beauty to your face. And with the long hair it is very easy to make a style of your choice.

Do you want to know how to achieve a cute quick weave? No need to sew, just need special glue for wigs to achieve the perfect hairstyle you want. Lifeaskacc posted the whole process of her simple and cute hairstyle with the help of human hair weave, black stuff, and glue on TikTok, let's take a look.

Today, you will know what is the best hair type for sew in hair weave and here you can get the best virgin human hair for your beauty.

sew in weave hair

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What Is Sew In Weave?

Before we start, it is important that you want to know what sew-in hair weave extensions are. It is also important to know what they can do and how you can put them on so worry not. Everything and anything you want to know will be explained.

Now, sew in is a way to put on weave hair in your head. What happens here is that the weaved hair is sewed in with your natural braids.

Sew-ins consist of adding hair extensions at the hair weft or hair tracks by using a thread and a needle. When you have decided that sew-ins are the best installation method for you, it is important to also consider what type of hair you will have installed.

human hair bundles

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Best Hair Types For Sew In

When choosing a hair weave you want to make sure that you choose the right hair. There are a number of different types of hair that can be used when creating a hair weave or hair extensions. Some of the best hair for sew in all vary in features and will suit different people.

Virgin human hair is the most popular hair grade that has the best quality because the hair has never been processed or changed with chemicals. Virgin hair can be used multiple times and also changed in color and styled just like natural hair.

We have virgin Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair and Indian hair for your choice. Let’s go for the details of the 4 hair types and help you to choose the best human hair for sew in weave.

Virgin Hair Types For Sew In Hair Weave

Brazilian Hair

Brazilian virgin hair

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Look around you, the Brazilian virgin hair is one of the most popular for hair in the market now. In fact, it best suits the African American hair and you know they are highest consumers of hair extension. The hair is often soft, dense and thick. It’s just flat out fabulous hair.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian virgin hair

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Virgin Malaysian hair weave is one of the softest hair types available. The texture is fine and silky and can be blended with natural hair easily for a full body look. The hair is easy to manage and full of shine to make your hair look amazing.

Malaysian hair is very soft and fine at can be styled in all different ways. This helps to suit all your favorite hairstyle whilst adding volume to natural hair.

Peruvian Hair

Peruvian virgin hair

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It is another hair type that has become quite popular in the market. Peruvian virgin human hair blends well with the African American hair. It can easily be styled and it is one of the top choices for sew in hair.

Peruvian hair is one of the thicker hair types and is extremely soft and light requiring fewer bundles for a full volume look.

Indian Hair

Indian virgin hair

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Indian virgin hair extensions are the most natural form of the hair type. It’s not only natural but it also behaves the same way your natural hair would behave. This type of hair can be styled in all styles and is chemical free. The hair blends with your own natural hair perfectly to give women a full, volumized look.

Best Hair Textures For Sew In Weave

Straight Hair For Sew In

straight hair sew in

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We have many kinds of straight hair that you may use as a black woman. They come in different lengths and colors which makes it your duty to choose the one that works best for you. If you wish, you may use the closures to give you a natural flowy look.

There is even straight hair like the kinky straight hair that looks like the African American hair. Therefore, you have a wide variety to choose from.

Body Wave Hair For Sew In

body wave sew in

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This is basically a type of hair extension that normally constitutes of loose curls that make the S shape. This S pattern is formed through the entire hair extension.If you give the hair a keener look you will realize that the waves of the hair are more relaxed.

Deep Wave Hair For Sew In

deep wave sew in

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Some of black women have deep curly hair texture and this means that this hair texture will suit us best. If you want to blend the texture and yet you have only wavy hair then you may have to use the curling wand.

Remember black women have a range of hair texture but never straight. Some have coils, tight curls and others have looser curls. This means that this texture will still serve them best.

Loose Wave Hair For Sew In

loose wave sew in

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This is a kind of wave hairstyle that normally has the big curls that are also loose. This is where most people feel confused because the hair looks pretty similar to the body wave one. But you should know that the loose wave has a little tighter curl than your body wave.

The hair, in this case, is not too tight neither is it too straight. The reason why most women love this hair type is that they are usually more natural and fluffier.

Water Wave Hair For Sew In

water wave sew in

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Water wave human hair is one of the most common hair textures today. I like that it’s something between the regular wavy hair and curly one. The way it’s designed makes it easy to maintain.

If you want another sew in that almost looks like your natural hair, this is the best choice to go with. You can have it in your favorite length but what’s even best is that it will remain bouncy and shiny with the right elasticity.

Curly Hair For Sew In

curly hair sew in

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This features a type of hair that has small and tight curls. This normally makes the hair look more voluminous than most other hair types. I love curly hair since it often gives you that youthful feel and fun. This hair weaves will still suit us for one reason some of us have such like curly hair.

The Best Value Cheap Sew-in Hair Weave From Sunber Hair

Brazilian Body Wave Hair 3 Bundles With Closure

Brazilian body wave 3  bundles

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In this bundle, you can get three different and separate weaves. You can select and choose the lengths for all three of the weaves and worry not, it is made from human hair. 3 human hair bundles with lace closure will give you a natural look.

Remy Human Hair Brazilian Straight Hair 3 Bundles

Brazilian straight hair 3 bundles

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Now, this is a great bundle for those who are looking for something sleek and straight. This Brazilian virgin straight human hair comes with 3 bundles and though, factory price it would be everything you desire.

Brazilian Jerry Curly 3 Hair Bundles 100% Human Hair Weaves

Brazilian curly hair 3 bundles

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Black women enjoy Jerry curly hair because it looks almost like our natural hair. What this means then is that most people wouldn’t know that you are wearing weave hair.

Peruvian Hair Deep Wave 3 Bundles with Lace Frontal

Peruvian deep wave 3 bundles

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This 100% natural Peruvian deep wave hair sew-in weave is on sale and ready to be bought. 3 bundles with ear to ear lace frontal Peruvian hair has the silkiest look and touch. So why not buy this and make your day even more special and brighter.

613 Blonde Straight Human Hair 3 Bundles With 4X4 Lace Closure

blonde straight hair

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For the love of blonde human hair, you have one of the best choices to try here. The hair looks smooth and natural but it will make people turn heads to check you out. The hair is double weft, therefore, shed resistant. The hair remains bouncy yet shiny. If it complements your skin color, you will look gorgeous.


Now that you know the different hair types and hair textures for your sew in hair weave. I hope these information can help you to choose the best sew in hair weave.

Different hairstyles work best with different hair types so before you go on to choose the weave to consider the style you want to make. Then you will choose the best and suitable sew in weave for you.

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