Brazilian Hair VS Malaysian Hair VS Peruvian Hair VS Indian Hair, Which One To Choose?

Nowadays, there are a variety of types of virgin human hair products. Sunber hair bundles use 100% virgin human hair, can be bleached, permed, and chemically processed. 3 bundles, 4 bundle deals, and bundles with closure of virgin human hair are available with favorable prices for fashion women.

Sunber hair mall offers Brazilian virgin hair, virgin Malaysian hair weave, Peruvian human hair bundles, Remy Indian hair extensions for your choice. Do you know the difference between them and how to choose the best for you? Let’s go for the details of them to learn more.

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Top 5 Popular Virgin Hair Types

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian hair is the most popular virgin hair type in South Africa. The hair is typically soft, relatively thick and very durable. For this reason, the hair is suited to any style so it is always a great option whether you prefer a straight, wavy, or curly style.

Brazilian hair also handles color extremely well so if you buy Virgin Brazilian hair you can color the hair to any color you like. Due to the natural density, the hair has it is also less likely to frizz which is a big plus and you can also use fewer bundles to still maintain a full look.

Features & Advantages

  • Brazilian hair is straight or wavy, the course has high brightness, and holds a curl well.
  • Delicate, toughness and thickness.
  • Very coarse and thick texture.
  • Soft and naturally wavy.
  • Takes well to heat and styling.
  • Can be treated with various textured styles.
  • Durable in humidity when properly cared for.
  • Generally very dark (1B) but may have hints of brown as well.
  • Great for making lace wigs and sew-ins hair extensions.
  • The Brazilian weave hair adjusts to almost all types of hair: frizzy, wavy hair, straight hair, curly hair.

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Brazilian Body Wave

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Malaysian Virgin Hair

Malaysian hair is much heavier and thicker in texture than all other hair origins, but it is soft and silky. Malaysian hair weave has a great natural shine, the hair is very strong and for this reason, holds curls extremely well.

If you want to experiment with fabulous and regular curling of your hair, then this is a great option. Like Brazilian hair, it also handles color well.

Features & Advantages

  • Malaysian hair is heavy, silky, very bright, and keeps a curl.
  • Thickness, soft and versatile talent.
  • Softer and silkier in texture than Indian hair.
  • Thick or heavy compared to Brazilian hair.
  • Natural luster, extremely silky and beautiful natural shine.
  • Gives great bounce and heavy body.
  • Comes naturally dark in color and natural straight.
  • Range from light brown to dark brown to nearly black.
  • Beautiful wave pattern that blends with medium and coarse textures.

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Malaysian curly hair

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Peruvian Virgin Hair

Peruvian hair weave is the ultimate multipurpose hair! It’s extremely soft and ultimately feather light! You can have up to 4 bundles of Peruvian hair installed yet still maintain a feathery light, maintainable style.

This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair and its luster is low to medium. It blends very well with African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. This hair is Luxurious and another one of our favorites.

Features & Advantages

  • Peruvian hair can be straight, wavy, or curly, silky medium glow, and a curl.
  • Extremely thick, light, soft and brilliant.
  • A little coarser and thicker in texture than Malaysian or Brazilian hair.
  • Blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures.
  • Require fewer bundles to give this hair a strong, full-body shape.
  • Look naturally voluminous despite the fact it is lightweight.
  • Extremely manageable even in times when hair isn’t maintained properly.
  • Great for sleek straight styles as well as short & edgy styles.
  • A multi-purpose and versatile hairstyle choice.

View Details Of Peruvian Straight Hair

Peruvian straight virgin hair

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Indian Virgin Hair

Indian hair is very high-quality hair and is highly regarded in the beauty industry. The hair is very light, airy, full of bounce and easy to style. Indian hair usually comes in a natural straight and natural wave style.

If you are looking for a natural wave style then this is the hair for you. Indian Remy hair is also very popular because it does not tangle, shed easily or lose its natural wavy look.

Features & Advantages

  • Indian hair is heavy/curly, has high brightness in soft, and holds a curl.
  • Versatile, naturally silky and shiny.
  • Lustrous and thick, making it more flexible and durable than other hair.
  • Very good density and there is a slight bounce in it.
  • Beautiful texture and naturally dark color work well for hair weaving applications.
  • Best choice for long-running natural-looking hair extensions.
  • Can be styled to achieve any look you want while the hair maintains its natural beauty.
  • A great fit for all hair types, Indian hair is a continuous competitor for the best hair available.

View The Details Of Indian Straight Hair

straight Indian remy hair

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High Ponytail with Weave

Through continuous innovation, Sunber has launched a new fashionable hairstyle category - high ponytail with weave. Ponytails don't go out of style because they're comfortable enough and don't put too many demands on your natural hair. It's cheap enough to be friendly to women on a smaller budget. For an effortlessly glamorous look, you can trust weave ponytail.

The ponytail with weave can be arbitrarily designed, whether it is a high ponytail, a low ponytail, or a half ponytail, it is suitable for women of all ages. Nikosundai shows us how to easily use a Sunber ponytail to create an Ariana grande hair look, come and try it.

Which Hair To Choose?

In any case, when we buy hair extensions, don’t care the hair is Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair or other hair, just focus on whether the hair is virgin hair or not, then take attention to the following questions:

  1. The hair is 100% real human hair without mixed
  2. Double Stitch Wefts
  3. Hair is “Remy” or “Virgin” with cuticles facing the same direction
  4. Can be dyed to Crazy color
  5. Double drawn or Single drawn but also very full
  6. Net weight is 95-100 Gram

Virgin hair is by definition Remy, that is to say, that 100% unprocessed hair collected from one donor with the cuticle scales all oriented in the same direction to preserve the longevity and the good appearance of your hairstyle.

If you're looking for bouncy hair with a full body and fluffy feel, and you want to have thick, coarser hair, Peruvian hair is your best choice.

If you need soft, wavy hair and want to cut your hair into an avant-garde style, then Brazilian hair is your best choice.

For curly hairstyles, we recommend Malaysian hair and Indian hair.

The four virgin hair types are all the best quality hair types on the market, and no matter which one you choose, you make the right decision. They will change your appearance and make you more beautiful.

You can choose which virgin human hair is best for your natural hair color, texture, and desired hairstyle.

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