Retro And Gorgeous 80s Crimped Hair Is Back

The crimped hair trend is making a comeback, and the fashion from the 80s and 90s has once again entered our daily life without any sense of disobedience. The new fashion concept encourages every woman to boldly try cool crimping hair.

What Is Crimping Hair?


Crimping hair, also commonly known as zigzag waves, can add volume and texture to your straight hair. This hairstyle has attracted much attention all over the world. In China, it is also called an egg roll. It is one of the hairstyles that many girls with medium or short hair will choose. It can make your hairstyle look more three-dimensional and hair more fluffy, it looks very cute.

Is Crimped Hair 80s Or 90s?

It has to be said that the decade of the 80s has been completely dominated by tiny zigzag waves, adding volume and guaranteed texture is what most women were looking for at the time. And this popular trend continued into the 1990s, and women will get curly hair in different ways.

And now people are more likely to use wider curling tools to get more modern and loose waves to follow the current trend.

Therefore, many people will call this hairstyle 80s crimped hair. Of course, it belongs to every era and has been innovating and becoming popular.

How To Crimp Hair?

How about using a hair crimper for styling? We have different options, you can use the barrel curling crimper shown in the video or use a flat iron as the main tool.


You will need to wash and air-dry your hair before getting ready.

Then, part your hair into sections, trying not to be too thick, as you'll need to keep every curl going. Use the flat iron to heat your hair from the roots in sequence, leaving it on for about 2-3 minutes at a time.

Finally, slap your crimped hair loose for a natural look.

Most importantly, here are some curly hair tips you need to be aware of.

1. Please ask your hair stylist or customer service whether you can use hot iron tools if you are wearing a wig.

2. If your hair is naturally thick, you can curl only the outer layers to give it a textured look. If you curl all your hair, then you will look very bulky.

3. Try not to use a fine-tooth comb to comb your curly hair, it will make them slowly straighten or even lose texture. You just need to backcomb the strands and run your hands randomly to get a light texture.

4. Before using the curling iron, please apply a layer of protective agent to your hair to prevent hair damage, or use a steam curling iron to ensure the luster of your hair.

Fresh Crimped Hair Ideas For You

Crimped Bob Hair

Crimped Bob Hair

The bob hairstyle for crimped hair is a classic hairstyle that will never go out of style. Chic and low maintenance are its most prominent features, women of all ages will choose it.

Loose Wave Crimped Hair

Loose Wave Crimped Hair

A modern twist on a classic hairstyle, crimped loose hair is one of the summer's stunning styles. The sexy and casual texture will give you a beach-like feeling, and it is also one of the few hairstyles that suit any face shape.

Half Up Half Down Crimped Hair

Half Up Half Down Crimped Hair

The go-to style for going out has got to be crimped hair and a half-up pony! This style will make your hair fluffy and bouncy, which perfectly outlines the contours of your face, which can make you confident and generous on any casual dating occasion. A little embellishment in your ponytail is sure to make the finishing touch, and that requires opening your hair accessories drawer.

Highlight Candy Crimped Hair

Highlight Candy Crimped Hair

Candy shades are sure to breathe life into your hair! Layered texture and dazzling highlights are an easy way to add extra flair to a dull hairstyle. The curly wavy structure will also give the color of the hair a flowing dynamic effect.

Side Swept Crimp Hair

Side Swept Crimp Hair

Parted and asymmetrical hairstyles have always been a popular trend. Part your hair according to the ratio of 3-7 or 2-8 and use mousse to shape it to get a wild and weird side-swept crimped hairstyle. This can not only show your personality well but also use your hair to modify your face shape.


Classic crimped hair can be small, angular zigzag waves or a modern mermaid texture, if you are tired of your everyday look, bravely try this curl to change your look and get a new and interesting experience.

Other than that, here are some more trendy hairstyles that we have sorted out, keep reading.

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