Hair Flat VS Curved Cut Hair, Which One Is More Suitable For You?

Are you anxious about your hairstyle for the new year? How to become the focus of the crowd and create your own exclusive style? How to choose between flat-top hair and curve-cut hair? Hope you can find the answer from the following content.

What’s The Flat Hair & Why Is My Hair So Flat?


As the name suggests, flat hair is the most straightforward meaning it expresses. We will get flat hair when we take care of it too much or leave it unwashed for a long time. At this point, your hair will cling to your scalp without any fluff.

It is not difficult to find that women with thin and straight hair tend to have more flatness than women with thick and curly hair. Because sebum, hair products, dirt, and other impurities tend to effortlessly move from root to tip weighing down fine strands. But there are often many reasons for flat hair, and we can avoid it from many aspects.


When our sebaceous glands are overactive, the excess oil can lead to a greasy scalp which can cause hair to cling to the scalp. Residues from products such as sticky hairspray or conditioner can also make your hair look sticky, and some ultra-moisturizing ingredients may also affect the secretion of scalp oil; Rosemary Leaf Extract and Vitamin E prevent oil build-up, thus giving volume to hair. Eating too many carbohydrate foods will lead to a lack of some nutrients, which will affect the quality of hair. In daily life, we should consider taking in enough nutrients that are beneficial to hair.

What’s The Curve Cut Hair?


The curvy cut is one of the hottest hairstyles in 2023. It combines several layered cuts that are popular this year to make layered hair softer and more durable. The curvy cut suits all hair types and lengths. It is different from the v-cut, the rounded shape and curves will make your look more rounded and balanced, and it is sure to give you a dreamy look.

How To Cut Hair So It Curves Out?


Visiting a stylist is one way to get a layered curved cut, and you need to show your stylist exactly what you want before you start. First, you must specify that you want long layers. But that doesn't mean you have to have long hair, the length refers to the length between the hairs, with long layers usually about 2 to 3 inches apart.

The most important thing is that you state the shape you wish to cut. Different cutting techniques can be achieved to create various shapes when the hair lies flat on your back, the most popular being U cut hairstyle for thin hair, V-shaped hairstyle, or straight lines. Choose any style you like.

Beyond that, use heat styling products for styling. Remember to always try out the heat protection product before proceeding. After blow drying, use a curling iron or the like to create volume at the roots and smooth flyaways.

Hair Flat VS Curved Cut Hair, Which One Do You Like More?


Everyone has experienced flat hair, whether you have it because of your unique fashion style or because you are experiencing an oily phase. But it’s undeniable that most people are envious when they see soft and voluminous waves.

Another dilemma you face when you choose a curved haircut is how to choose among the many shapes. We commonly have soft and flexible U-shaped haircuts and blunt-cut wigs that have gradually entered the fashion world. What we do not recommend is V-shaped haircuts, which will make your hairstyle lose a little sense of agility.



If you tried all the revived y2k or wolf cut styles in 2022, be sure to continue to boldly create fresh hair in 2023! If you're tired of the softness and dullness of flat hair, a curved cut will make you look fuller and healthier.

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