Hair Type Chart You Should Know

We spend far more time on our faces than on our hair in our daily lives. However, the right hair type and dignified looks are a package deal, and it's essential to know your hair type and find one or a few that work for you. In the following content, we will sort out the most complete hair types chart for your reference, hoping to help you find the most amazing hairstyle.

What Are The Types Of Hair?


We can simply divide the hair into two categories---straight hair and curly hair. We can also find a suitable name for each curvature of the hair in detail, such as 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, etc. Let's take a closer look at the different hair types.

Straight Hair


Straight hair can be divided into three types: 1A, 1B, and 1C. The difference between them is that the thickness of the hair strands is different, and 1C hair is not as straight as bone-straight hair, but slightly curved.

The straight hair we usually see is straight, delicate, basically free of knots and curls, and it is very soft and smooth, but if the oil is accumulated due to improper care, then your hair will look like it is attached to your scalp.

Wavy Hair


This type of hair we can also get as body wave curls, it adds some wavy texture to straight hair and makes your hair look less stiff. Wavy hair in its natural state usually has S-shaped waves from the middle to the end of the hair, which greatly adds to the charming temperament of women.

This type of hair can be divided into 2A, 2B, and 2C. They appear on the hair and the texture size gradually increases, increasing the hair volume to varying degrees.

Curly Hair


This type of hair should be very familiar to everyone, and it is also one of the most common curls. Curly hair is bouncy, it curls from the scalp while showing a lot of natural shine and volume, however, it's not as thick as coily hair.

This type of hair can be divided into 3A, 3B, and 3C. 3A to 3C hair can be understood as the hair type transitioning from water wave to Jerry curl. 3C hair can be densely piled up with strands to maximize hair volume.

Kinky/Coily Hair


Coily hair is often referred to as afro or kinky hair. This type of hair is usually dry and thick with a spongy texture that is very close to the real hair of African women.

This type of hair can be divided into 4A, 4B, and 4C. Sunber lace front edges can satisfy your quest for this type of hair and provide the most natural look.

What Hair Type Is The Most Attractive?

Although everyone's ideas and aesthetics are different, it has to be admitted that curly hair has always been popular. More than half of men also find curly hair sexier and more attractive than other hair types. In daily life, you will find that most of the women around you have curly hair or wear curly hair wigs, which also shows that curly hair is liked by most people.

Different types of wigs have different popularity in different seasons. Women tend to prefer wavy hair and curly hair in hotter summers, while curly hair and coily hair can be seen everywhere in cooler seasons.

How to Find the Right Hair Type for You?

Before choosing a suitable hair type, you need to know your hair structure and scalp moisture, whether it is fine, medium, or coarse, and then combine it with the hair type chart to find your natural hair type. If you decide to keep the status quo then you should get your hair done etc, but if you choose to switch styles you have the option of using heat styling tools or wigs.


Understanding different hair types is the first step to becoming beautiful. In addition to making choices according to your own preferences, you must also have the courage to try. Go to the nearby wig shop to wear different types of wigs and you will gain more. That's when you're one step away from success, buy it online or in-store!

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