Gorgeous Butterfly Haircut Ideas in 2023 You Should Know

The popularity of the topic word #butterfly haircut# on YouTube and TikTok is high. If you want to try different styles, a butterfly haircut will not let you down.

What’s A Butterfly Haircut?

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A hairstyle that has been around since the '70s, it mimics the fluttering of a butterfly's wings. This hairstyle has shorter layers around the top that are integrated and blended into longer layers at the bottom. This style creates a lot of texture, and matching it with long hair can bring more shock to people.

How To Style Butterfly Haircut?

Although the butterfly cut is suitable for all hairstyles, it can look terrible on thinning hair due to the layers it requires, a body wave with a butterfly cut will look great.

Because this hairstyle is low maintenance, you should definitely invest as much of your cost into styling products as possible, and a good quality mousse will make your butterfly hairstyle look even more glamorous.

First of all, you need to leave your hair in its natural state whether freshly washed or dry.

Secondly, use clips to divide your hair into upper and lower layers, divide the front hair into thirds as far as possible and trim each strand of hair as far forward as possible and trim them one by one.

Finally, use a curling tool or blow dryer to create style and layers. You can also flip your hair to the side for added height, or use earplugs to part the middle for fuller volume.

You should be inspired by hairstylist Ahappyjustin's video below.

Wolf Haircut VS Butterfly Haircut, What’s The Difference Between Them?

What is the difference between the wolf cut hairstyle and the butterfly cut, which has always been loved by many rock lovers? Since both of them increase the layering of hair to a certain extent, they have always been popular.

And the biggest difference between them is that the wolf cut uses short layers to frame the face, while the butterfly cut uses short layers in the back to create volume. Another difference is that butterfly cuts tend to use feathered ends.

Trendy Butterfly Haircuts Ideas:

Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

Butterfly Haircut with Bangs

If you want to try shorter hairstyles that flatter your face, a butterfly haircut with bangs will surprise you, and you can mimic the length of your lob for layered mid-length hairstyles. And it leaves enough room for your hairstyle, whether it's a trendy ponytail or a half-up, half-down, it can be easily achieved.

Short Butterfly Haircut

Short Butterfly Haircut

Short butterfly haircuts are easy to style and can save us a lot of time. Butterfly haircut layers on short hair can be well-highlighted and make you look more capable.

Butterfly Haircut Straight Hair

Butterfly Haircut Straight Hair

In addition to being highly compatible with body waves and curly hair, the butterfly-cut is also impressive when combined with straight hair. Straight hair is also very easy to manage and style since it doesn't tangle easily.

Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

Butterfly Haircut Curly Hair

I have to admit that smooth curls will make your butterfly cut easier to achieve, and the three-dimensional layering will add points to the overall shape.

Butterfly Layered Haircut

Butterfly Layered Haircut

A layered cut gives dimension, and movement and it will lighten your otherwise thick locks. The layered design will neutralize some of the edges and corners of the face and modify our face shape.


It doesn't matter whether your face shape is square, round, or diamond, the layers and natural movement of a butterfly hairstyle will flatter your skin tone and facial structure. You can also style your face with different bangs.

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