How To Style Your U Part Wig?

U part wig is a new hairstyle trend at the market. The U-Part wig is a special type of wig designed to seamlessly blend with your natural hair for the most realistic finish. 

U-part human hair wig is as convenient as a wig that can quickly install. It also has a natural look because it allows for a part of hair leave out at the crown. Great blending between hair texture and color is the key to make hair as natural as possible.

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Is a U-Part Wig Right For You?


Do you want the look and style of a sew-in weave without sitting in the salon for hours?

Do you want to save money on your overall hair maintenance budget?

Would you like to be able to regularly shampoo your natural hair underneath your weave? 

Would you like the versatility of changing up your hairstyle daily? 

Are u looking for a protective style for your natural hair?

Is your hairline starting to thin or break from the stress of wearing a sew-in weave?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, our U-Part Wig is just right for you!

The U-part wig is designed to give the look of a sew-in but without the fuss and stress to the hair. Simply pull some of your own hair thru the U-shaped opening at top then blend and style.

  • All wigs include combs and optional snap combs
  • We  do not cut & style the wigs
  • We  can make u- part section as wide or narrow as you'd like   
  • We use a mesh weaving cap with adjustable straps in the back for optimal fitting and so that your scalp can breathe.

u part human hair wig

It is very important to give your hair a rest from tension in the crown of your head and especially the delicate temple area. Remember that braided sew-in weaves can put tension on your hair causing it to break off and thin when worn over a long period of time. 

How To Style U Part Wig?

Step 1

Part your hair to make sure that you have enough leave-out to blend with the wig.

Note: Try on the u-part wig first to see how it falls, and then adjust your parting accordingly.

Step 2

Section off a bit of your natural hair around your edges (aka “baby hairs”) at the front on both sides. Then, tie the rest of your hair up into a ponytail, and pin the ponytail securely with bobby pins.

Note: If your hair is longer than shoulder-length, we recommend cornrowing your hair down around the leave-out.

Step 3

Next, put the wig on from the center of the u-part, and clip it down wherever there are clips, making sure that the wig lays flat on your head.

Step 4

Part your leave-out in the direction you desire, and flat iron each section down accordingly, making sure to cover the edge of the u-part opening of the wig.

Step 5

Lastly, flat iron your leave-out together with hair from the wig so that it blends smoothly & seamlessly.

Note: Use a comb to help direct the hair when flat ironing.

Final Styling Tips

  1. Before you start making your wig, decide how much leave-out you want and mark accordingly on your wig cap. This will help avoid making the ‘U' too large or small.
  2. As you begin sewing on the final rows of tracks, be sure they are laying as flat and close together as possible. This will make styling and blending much easier.
  3. When cutting the excess fabric, take care to not cut too close to the tracks.
  4. For securing your u-part, you can either sew-in clips, use the elastic band method, or sew it down onto your perimeter braids. We' re partial to clips and the elastic band because they allow you the freedom of removing your wig nightly to provide your natural tresses with extra TLC.
  5. Be sure to show your wig some TLC too with co-washes and daily conditioning. For co-washing consider Aussie 3 Minute MiracleMoist and Hair Dew for everyday moisturizing.

 If you want to know more about u part human hair wigs, you can read this blog to learn more.

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