How To Sew In Weave With Lace Frontal?

Nowadays, more and more women love to use human hair products to achieve their natural look. Lace closure and lace frontal are very popular among fashion black women. Because hair bundles with lace closure frontal make you look natural and beautiful.

Do you know how to sew in hair weave with lace closure and lace frontal? We have some tips to help you to sew in the lace frontal.

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First, What’s Lace Frontal Sew-in?

A lace frontal is a frontal piece that can vary in length and widths. You can try many partings, and it will always give you a natural look. You can also wear a lace frontal when you want to recreate the entire hairline from ear to ear.

Lace frontals spread from ear to ear and range from there is only one part of having the option of parting your frontal anywhere you like. The weft lengths all tend to be around 13” x 4” and 13” x 6”.

Frontals are also popular with women who have traction, alopecia, or thinning edges. When you apply this weave using a sew-in method, it can finish off the install and eliminate the need to blend and leave out.

Think of the lace frontal as the finishing piece to a puzzle. Lace frontals are a great protective hairstyle since it covers and shields the entire head of hair, and in the process gives your edges, nape, and hairline a break from severe tension.

Lastly, lace frontal closure allows you the option to try different colors and styles without having to make a permanent commitment. You can add twists, braids, and smooth baby hairs for a realistic finish.

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Why Wear Lace Frontal Sew In?

The purpose of wearing a frontal hairpiece is to protect the hairline from damage and provide maximum versatility when it comes to styling hair extensions.

Lace frontal hairpieces allow more versatility when styling your hair. It also stretches from ear to ear and the hair can be parted freely to be worn in the middle, left, or right side.

Frontals work great for women who may have thinning or balding edges because they mimic the natural hairline so well.

It can save your time and achieve the natural hairstyle you want quickly.

Great style quality at an affordable price: today frontals are affordable and available, They are also available in various qualities and will cost you approximately the same price as you would pay for a full sew-in.

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Steps-By-Steps To Sew In Lace Frontal

Lace frontal does not have to be as complicated as they may seem; here is a short, simple step by step process on how to install a lace front sew-in.

Step 1: Prepare your needle by threading it with the proper knitting technique. Also prep the hair, bleach any knots and pluck the hairline for a more customized touch.

Step 2: Braid your natural hair in either a horizontal or spiral pattern; this will ensure that the weave lays flat on your head.

Step 3: Sew each track on to the braids in a side to side motion until you reach the place where you will apply the closure.

Step 4: When you begin sewing the frontal make sure to take the needle under the braid, this will ensure that the lace lays down flat.

Step 5: After you finish sewing the closure on your head, cut the lace to the length you desire. Next, apply an adhesive so that the frontal will stay in place on your head.

Video Tutorial To Sew In Lace Frontal

Hair in the video: Peruvian body wave hair 24” 26” 28” bundles+ 20” frontal

How Many Bundles Do You Need For Lace Frontal Sew In?

If you are getting 8-12 inches or 10 inches, 2 bundle deals with lace frontal will suffice. Hair length past 14 or 18 inches, I would suggest you get 3 bundles, so from a 20 inch, 22 inches to about 24 inches, 26 inches, 4 bundles will suffice.

For example, if you are having a frontal and your longest bundles is 24 inches, you can get a frontal and 20" 22" 24" bundles and that should be good for a frontal sew-in.

With a Lace Frontal 360, you will need about two bundles up to 22" and three bundles once you are going over 24" in length.

How To Make Your Lace Frontal Sew In Look Natural?

Here is what you can do to achieve the naturalness of the frontal sew-in.

Choose the Right Lace Frontal

You should ensure that it compliments your hair texture and color. When coloring the parts or knots at the base, make sure you use the color that is similar to your scalp.

Part the hair to the side as opposed to the middle. This is because most people today are aware of the frontal closures that have middle parts. Also, understand that not all people look good with the middle parting as they do with the side parting.

Lace Base Color That Will Match Your Skin Color

Make the lace undetectable by choosing on the lace material that matches your skin tone. If you can dye the lace material to match your skin tone the better.

Trim off the Excess Lace

While you should wear the entire lace cap, you must cut off the excess parts that are coming to your face. Only leave a few inches of the lace strips.

Hide Your Hair

Before you place the frontal closure, make sure you have all your hair covered. If possible then use the hair gel to make it slick. Have all the medium hair into the closure cap. Go ahead and use bobby pins to safely keep the hair in the cap.

Color the Scalp

Once you have worn the closure, use a white eyeliner pencil to make the line thin where you will use the concealer to shade the part. Remember to maintenance procedure and it needs a lot of care to maintain its gracious look.

After reading this article, I hope you can install your lace frontal sew in by yourself and make you look natural and beautiful. Have you already had a lace frontal? Please go here and give you a big surprise.

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