Fine VS Coarse Hair, What’s the Difference Between Them?

Only by fully understanding your hair texture can you do good hair care. Fine hair and coarse hair not only show different effects in appearance but also have many similarities and differences in other aspects. Continue reading this article and you will have a deeper understanding.

What’s Coarse Hair?

Coarse Hair

Coarse hair generally refers to the hair texture with the widest diameter and thicker hair strands. The wider diameter also causes the hair to lose moisture more easily, resulting in dryer and rougher hair. Although there is no direct link between hair texture and hair volume, people with coarse hair tend to have enough volume and a visually thicker texture.

What’s Fine Hair?

Fine Hair

Fine hair has the smallest diameter due to less protein structure in the hair, which also makes it very fragile and difficult to maintain the style. People with fine hair tend to have more hair than people with coarse hair.

Fine VS Coarse Hair, How Do You Know If You Have Fine or Coarse Hair?

Fine Hair VS Coarse Hair

The biggest difference between fine hair and coarse hair is the diameter of the hair, which is visually different. Fine hair is softer while coarse hair is thicker and drier.

Coarse hair is harder because of its wider diameter, so it is more tolerant of re-styling and can easily maintain its style. Although fine hair is soft and organized, it is difficult to maintain a style for a long time.

You can quickly identify your hair texture based on the above differences:

1. Select a hair and observe it directly. If it is thicker, it is coarse hair, otherwise it is fine hair. If you can't tell the difference at once, then feel your hair with your hands. If it is rough and hard, then you have coarse hair; if you feel soft and can hardly feel the existence of hair, then you have fine hair.

2. It is also very easy to judge the texture of your hair by using the difference in hair properties caused by the different textures of the two. If you find that your hair is very easy to dry out after washing and you often need to add a lot of moisture to it but it cannot be moisturized for a long time, then your hair is coarse hair. And if your hair tends to become very oily and stick to the scalp, then your hair is fine.

How To Care for Your Hair?

You should choose suitable and matching hair care products and hair care methods for different hair textures, so as to achieve the most satisfactory results.

For fine hair, the most important thing you need to pay attention to during hair care is to wash your hair in time to avoid greasy roots.

You can choose milder, sulfate-free, neutral hair care products to cleanse and condition your hair. Use protective products before using hair dryers and other heating tools to prevent high-temperature damage to your hair.

In addition, be careful and gentle when combing your hair, because fine hair is relatively thin and easily damaged.

For coarse hair, the most important thing you need to pay attention to is to prevent it from getting too frizzy. While fluffy hair brings a greater sense of possibility and freedom to our styles, overly frizzy hair can make your hair look lifeless and shiny.

Use a conditioner or hair mask once or twice a week to maintain your hair and help restore moisture to its healthiest condition.

Opting for a protective hairstyle like braids will help your hair slow moisture loss and keep it looking its best.

Hairstyles for Fine & Coarse Hair

Because coarse hair has a harder texture and can maintain its shape better, whether it is short or long hair, the style can be well presented. But because of the stiffer texture, you may need to spend more effort if you want to try more curls. Here are a few short and medium-length hairstyles that you can try for coarse hair.

Pixie-Cut for Corse Hair

Pixie-Cut for Corse Hair

Layered Lob Haircut for Coarse Hair

Layered Lob Haircut for Coarse Hair

Butterfly Haircut for Coarse Hair

Butterfly Haircut for Coarse Hair

The classic bob hairstyle can help fine hair create a full and lively feeling. Because fine hair is soft, the curly hairstyle can make your hair look richer, and the ponytail style with bangs can bring a youthful and cute effect.

Wavy Lob for Fine Hair

Wavy Lob for Fine Hair

Ponytail with Blunt Bangs for Fine Hair

Ponytail with Blunt Bangs for Fine Hair

Choppy Short Bobs for Fine Hair

Choppy Short Bobs for Fine Hair

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