How To Get Free Wigs or Earn Commissions at Sunber?

Do you often wear wigs and can style different hairstyles on your own to show off the perfect effect? Do you know how to get commissions or free wigs? We welcome more women to join us and deliver beauty to the world.

How To Get Free Wigs or Earn Commissions at Sunber?

In the previous article, we introduced in detail how to become a wig influencer and get paid. In addition, you can also learn about our Affiliate cooperation and TT Shop cooperation, etc.

About TT Shop Cooperation:

Basic requirements: The number of fans reaches 5,000+ and the age is above 18 years old.

tt shop

Opening a TT shop is a solution to achieve win-win cooperation between the Sunber brand and its creators. After reaching the cooperation, there will be a shopping cart logo and product link below the video you publish. Users can directly click on the link when watching your video, and then make purchases within the TikTok app.

You can view sales data in your account interface, and the commissions you earn will be stored directly in your commission account.

About Affiliate Cooperation:

If you already have a certain influence, you can share your story with Sunber Wigs on any of your social platforms and tag our official account. We will contact you and send you your promotional discount code and other information. As for the specific commissions information and cooperation methods can be found here.

☆ About Other Cooperation:

Sunber cherishes every girl who chooses us and will choose us soon. If you can't meet any of the above conditions, but you want to show your beauty and cooperate with Sunber, then go for it boldly!

Add tags about wigs and Sunber Hair to your TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, or other accounts, and we will do our best to discover you. If the video you posted about Sunber Wigs reaches enough views and interactions, we will contact you to obtain cooperation.

Who Has Sunber Collaborated with?

Sunber has cooperated with many wig influencers such as Kie RaShon, Chrissy Cousin, Monae Bee, Sophiology, etc. We also encourage each of our users to actively post review videos and cooperate with us, such as theebrishiree, djndkaymom, poupee_daph, etc.

This is a video about Sunber wigs shared by theebrishiree on her TT account. Not only did it get everyone’s love and praise, it also got our attention. We got in touch with her right away to promote a cooperative relationship, and she also got an extra gorgeous free wig at Sunber.

From now on, become our user and our promotion partner!

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