Where Are Half Wigs Near Me?

Choosing a half wig is a great way to add length or volume to your natural hair, whether you're a wig beginner or an office worker pressed for time, and can be easily worn without going to the salon. How can I find a half wig near me? How do half wigs work in our lives? Read on!

What Is A Half Wig?

jerry curly v part half wig

When you follow its name to understand its meaning, then you will be deceived. A half wig is not a wig that can only cover half of your head, it can cover most of your head, but a part of the natural hair will be allowed to be displayed outside so that the natural hair and the wig can be blended well. Half wigs are also often referred to as 3/4 wigs, and the common ones are headband wigs, v part wigs, u part wigs, etc.

A Full Wig VS A Half Wig, Can You Wear A Half Wig As A Full Wig?

As the name suggests, a full wig is a wig that can cover the entire head without missing any natural hair, so that the wig can give full play to its charm and change your natural appearance.

jerry curly ombre honey blonde wig

Full wigs are becoming more and more popular, partly because they can provide a real and natural look, and partly because they are popular with people who suffer from health problems such as hair loss and cancer because it can help these people cover their unsightly hair, which can help them forget about unpleasant experiences.

Half wigs are also a popular trend today, and many women choose it to save time and reduce the use of glue. Like full wigs, it adds length and volume to help people improve the look of their natural hair. The only difference is that the half wig uses the women's natural hair mixed with the wig to create the illusion of all natural hair.

body wave v part wig

If you wear wigs just to change your hairstyle and try different styles, then both wigs can be your choice.

If you are wearing a wig to cover thinning hair or a bald spot on the top of your head, we do not recommend wearing a half wig as a full wig, as this may expose what you are trying to hide. At this time, choosing a full wig will be the best choice.

How To Wear A Half Wig?

short bob headband half wig

The most frequently used half wig must be the headband wig, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also convenient and simple. The following steps take the headband wig as an example. The installation of the v/u part wig, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays, is also very simple, and the specific steps can be viewed here.

1. Comb your natural hair to remove tangles and evenly braid the hair behind the hairline into a braid close to your scalp.

2. Arrange your half wig, then fix the clips in the wig cap to your natural hair, and then style it.

3. You can show your natural hair at the hairline, but remember, don't pull them all out, just give it a natural fluffy look.

Do Half Wigs Damage Your Hair?

Although a wig can help protect our natural hair from a lot of external environmental damage, wearing a wig makes our heads sweat and makes our scalp oily and wet, which is not healthy for the scalp.

Because the half wig will reserve some space for our natural hair, which will greatly reduce the growth of bacteria caused by the tight connection between the hair and the wig.

Half wigs will cause slightly less damage to our natural hair than full wigs to a certain extent, but we should also seize every opportunity to let our hair breathe and reduce the friction between natural hair and the outside world to protect it.

How Much Are Half Wigs?

body wave headband half wig

The Sunber brand has been keeping up with fashion hot-spots, understanding the needs of the public in a timely manner, and constantly making innovations in wig shapes and materials.

The price of traditional half wigs with headbands usually ranges from tens of dollars to more than 100 dollars, which is a price that most people can afford.

The v/u part wigs that suddenly became popular last year are priced at about the same price as headband half wigs, and you may be able to get a beautiful v/u part half wig for around $60 with an exclusive discount code.

Click here to find out more about half wig prices.

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