Back to School Season Hairstyle Recommendation

Do you have a happy summer vacation, whether you are happy or not, now you have to return to the familiar campus life, see the friends you get along with day and night, then do you want to give your friends a surprise? Do you want to change your style? If you want to, you can try starting with the simplest hairstyle. I am going to introduce you to some popular hairstyles for 2023, and maybe one one you like.

1. Textured Layers

Textured Layers

Do you have any problems with hair loss? I have! This hair is our savior. Thin hair haircuts work well with lots of layers and texture. Tousle your wispy strands to build up your hair's body and perfectly messy style. Shorter hair makes maintaining fine hair a cinch, but if you want to make a stronger impression, go with an angled choppy bob.

2. Short and Wild Shag

Short and Wild Shag

Nothing flatters a head full of curls like a classic shag. It's the cool girl cut of the bunch. If you like fluffy hair, you can try it, this is also suitable for our rare hair players.

3. Blunt Collarbone Cut

Blunt Collarbone Cut

There is a blunt haircut at the collarbone, straight around—not shorter in the back or longer—it is the same length all over. If you have a round face, a slightly longer midi cut that just hits the collarbone will be most flattering, while if you have an elongated facial structure, a shorter style that hovers above the shoulders will help balance out the proportions.

4. Sharp Shoulder Cut

Sharp Shoulder Cut

These medium-length haircuts line between bob and long hair, enabling you to cherry-pick the best elements of both. As a bonus, it's the perfect middle ground when you're growing out a buzz cut or pixie look.

5. Butterfly Haircut

Butterfly Haircut

A butterfly haircut has layers that are back and away from the face, forming the shape of a butterfly's wings. It gives you the option to play with shorter hair around the front of your face without having to commit to cutting all your length elsewhere.

6. Octopus Haircut

Octopus Haircut

Named for the way the cut is round and more bulbous up top and spreads out at the bottom (like an octopus head and its tentacles), the style shares many similarities with a shag. Ask your stylist for lots of wispy layers—or better yet, bring in an inspirational photo like the one above.

7. The Shullet Cut

The Shullet Cut

The cullet is a cross between a shag and a mullet. Defined by its generous texture throughout, it’s a solid style for those with naturally finer strands because it adds body. The cullet maintains the volume, texture, and fringe of a shag, but is not afraid to go super short around the face and chop things up a bit.

8. Gelled Edges

Gelled Edges

Natural-haired girls: Don't neglect those edges. When laid properly, they look just like art. Dab on a bit of edge control cream and use a soft-bristle toothbrush to mold them into waves.

9. Pretty Tousled Shaggy Lob

Pretty Tousled Shaggy Lob

Face-framing waves and razored bangs are the hallmarks of the sassy medium-length shag done in a brown-to-copper balayage. The tousled top and shaggy layers provide enough volume and crisp texture to make you feel gorgeous. Long pieces on the sides cover both ears completely, and the wavy tresses around the cheeks give the face a slimmer appearance.

10. Small Knotless Braids

Small Knotless Braids

Long braids always make a statement, especially when you go for smaller knotless braids. They create this awesome illusion of a fuller hairstyle, giving you that extra oomph. To take it up another notch, throw in some loose curls for added volume.

11. Rose Beige Ringlets

Rose Beige Ringlets

Make a statement with rose beige ringlets. It is the perfect hairstyle for a black woman with short hair. This style gives a unique texture to hair while adding a pop of color that will turn heads. Not only does this hairstyle look chic, but it is also low-maintenance. It is one of the best styles for busy girls on the go. The ringlets are easy to maintain and can last up to 5 weeks with proper care.

12. Natural hair With a colorful head Scarf

Natural hair With a colorful head Scarf

Wearing your hair in its natural shape and form can be a cute hairstyle. Especially with a colorful head scarf for added styling. If you are in love with your tresses, invest in quality shampoo and care products to keep your hair healthy.

13. Waterfall Devacut

Waterfall Devacut

Consider a long, luxurious, signature Waterfall Devacut for natural black hair. This type of lock creates a lovely high messy bun or just a low bun. A close second would be the additional curls that the added shaping in her interior brings.

14. Long Frizzy Curls

Long Frizzy Curls

When done correctly, this look can be very flattering and stylish. To get the best, you will want to use a light-hold styling product like mousse or curl cream and scrunch your hair with your hands for natural definition.

15. Pixie Haircut

Pixie Haircut

When you're ready to take the ultimate plunge, call this pixie á la Mia Farrow up. It'll do the job—and more.


There are many trending haircuts to try this year, depending highly on your ideal length, natural texture, and style preference. Long bobs are one of the most asked-for lengths, while short hairstyles overall are leading the pack.

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