How To Bleach Knots On A Wig?

Wigs have become an integral part of us, and they cater to whatever hairstyle we want to achieve. But in order to achieve a natural and authentic look, we have to resort to a few tricks, which is why we have learned how to bleach wig knots. Bleached knots wigs can bring us a new wig experience, making us feel like we are wearing natural hair.

What’s The Bleached Knots Wig?


A bleach knot wig is a kind of wig that makes your lace wig look more natural and real through technology. The hairline part of the lace wig usually has more obvious knots. These knots are unavoidable and it helps to secure the hair to the lace and prevent the wig from falling out during use. In order to make the wearing natural, we will choose to use bleach to "invisible" these knots, but the bleaching agent will change your wig permanently during the bleaching process, so This requires either having the right instruction or already being proficient at the technique.

Can You Bleach Knots On A Synthetic Wig?

Both real and synthetic wigs can be bleached. In the process of bleaching synthetic wigs, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are used the most. After bleaching, be sure to air dry and try to avoid using heat styling tools, so that your synthetic wigs can keep their luster.

How To Bleach Knots On A Wig?


Before bleaching the knots for your lace wig, you will need all the props: tinfoil or plastic bag, dye brush, bowl, bleaching powder, developer, gloves, etc.

① Comb your lace wig in advance, comb the baby hair and flying hair back, and use clips to fix the hair to avoid getting bleach.

② Prepare the bleach mixture. Put on the gloves you prepared in advance to avoid chemical damage to the skin. Mix the bleaching powder and the developer according to the standard mixing ratio of 1:1, and stir until smooth without lumps. If the mixture is very thin, it will penetrate into the wig root and damage the wig, please add half a teaspoon of bleaching powder to adjust the consistency.

③ Use a stain brush to lightly apply the bleach to the lace, then cover the area with tin foil or a plastic bag. Always remember to check the bleaching effect every 5-10 minutes.

④ Rinse the wig. When the black knots are bleached, they must be rinsed in time. In the process of rinsing, make sure that the bleach will not contaminate the rest of the wig and cause damage. Massage in with a neutralizing shampoo after washing to stop bleach residue from working its way through. Finally, let it dry naturally.

How To Hide Knots On Lace Wig Without Bleaching?


Before deciding whether to use bleach to treat wig knots, you should understand the consequences of treating and not treating them.

Bleaching the knots will give your wig a very natural look, like the natural hair growing from your head. But because the chemicals weaken the knot, the wig tends to fall out more easily after wearing it.

The unbleached knots wig has more obvious black spots at the hairline, and the appearance is not natural, but it is durable and the hair is not easy to fall off.

But in addition to bleaching the knots, we can also choose "fake bleaching" to deal with our wig knots. You can choose cosmetics that are similar to your skin tone to cover the knots and blackheads. When the wig is worn, the hairline part that matches your skin tone will appear. Although the effect will not be as good as bleaching, it is still natural, and you don't have to worry about the wig falling off due to chemicals.

How Long Do You Bleach Knots On A Wig?

The time needed to bleach wig knots varies from 10-30 minutes, because it is not only related to the material of the wig but also the concentration of the bleach you mix. Usually, the time required for higher concentrations of bleach will be shorter. In any case, please remember to check the bleaching effect every 5-10 minutes and be sure not to exceed the time, which is likely to damage the roots of your wig.


Knots for bleached wigs are the best way to get a natural-looking wig, and with the video and the steps above I believe you can do a great job!

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