What Is Half Wig And How To Install A Half Wig?

Nowadays, there are so many hair wigs types for your choice in the market. We have a new product - half wig. It is a very natural hair wig and can be easy to wear. Human hair half wigs can achieve the goal –adding volume, length and celebrity-style glamour to your own natural locks. 

So, there are some questions about a half head wig, for example, what is a half wig? How to wear a half wig and why do you need a half up half down wig? Let’s find your most satisfying answers below and even more!

human hair half wig

What You Will Learn From This Article

  1. What Is Half Wig?
  2. Why Wear A Half Wig?
  3. How To Install A Half Wig?
  4. Who Need To Wear A Half Wig?
  5. How To Choose A Half Wig?
  6. Where To Buy The Best Quality Half Wig Online?

First, Let’s Talk About What Is Half Wig?

Are you curious about what exactly it is? Half wigs are known by many different names: half wigs, half head wigs, half and half wig. quick weave (¾ wigs or ½ wigs), hats with hair, wiglets, or toppers

They all share the same functionalities of volumizing and adding length to your real hair. This hair system helps you make the most out of the natural head of hair. Thus, it complements your beauty, creates fullness and glamor for your locks, and boosts your confidence.

They often have an advanced construction of a soft mesh cap. Attachments to the cap include combs at the back and front. That way enables the wig to stay secure on your bio hair. 

half wig

Why Wear A Half Wig?

Most people can wear a half wig. There are several reasons why women would choose to wear this type of best human hair wig

To Add Length

  • Many half wigs (especially extensions) add a significant amount of length to the hair in an instant. 

To Add Volume

  • Half wigs, and particularly toppers, are great for adding some extra volume to create a flattering look. 

To Create More Intricate Hairstyles

  • Accessory hair, extensions, and even toppers add more hair to the head and allow you to create more complicated, elegant, and voluminous hairstyles. 

To Disguise Hair Loss

  • Many women purchase toppers and wiglets to hide partial hair loss on top of the head. Hats with hair paired with a cap can actually cover up total hair loss. 

curly half wig with scarf

To Give You a Natural Look

  • The key factor for natural-looking hair with half-wigs is they don’t have a lace front. Half wigs are the best way to use your natural hair to its best potential.
  • They allow your face to be framed by the natural beauty of your own hair. Whilst the half wig creates a fabulous fullness from the crown to the back.
  • The half wig covers half of the head that blends with your natural hair at the front giving you a natural, beautiful look. This beautiful hair blend gives a voluminous look to your hairstyle without making your head heavy.
  • Some half wigs look realistic to an extent that no one would ever think it is actually the wearer’s hair. 

To Save Money

  • Moreover, the price of getting a decent and long-lasting wig is not backbreaking as there are many cheap half wigs out there.
  • Human hair half wigs are a great investment and they provide a quick and easy way to switch up your hairstyle without the dangers associated with heat, dyes, combs & brushes.
  • No doubt price is an important factor when choosing a half wig, however, it is important to not only think in terms of cost when choosing a half wig, as you’ve probably heard before “The cheap comes out expensive.” 

How To Install A Half Wig?

curly half wig

Step 1 

  • To fit your half wig onto your head, you will need to pull your hair back into a ponytail. With a comb, create a parting from ear to ear, about one or two inches away from the hairline, leaving wisps of your natural hair out at the front of your face.

Step 2 

  • Now it’s time to grab your half wig and place the front flexible comb section at the top of your head where you have just made your parting, you will then need to slide the comb downwards as firmly as you can against the scalp.
  • For added security, you can also use the flexible comb section at the bottom of the wig and slide this upwards along the nape of your neck. It may take a couple of times to get a comfortable and secure fit so don’t worry if you haven’t mastered it on your first go!

Step 3 

  • Now all that’s left to do is disguise the seam and you’re ready to flaunt your fabulous style! You can either accessorize with a headband or comb and blend the half and half wig with your natural hair. This is the fun part as you have even more hair to experiment with until you find the style that looks gorgeous on you.

Who Need To Wear A Half Wig?

half up half down wig

A lot of people can use them. This type of hairpiece is particularly suitable for those who are looking to add hair length. They are fabulous for making the hair considerably longer quickly and effectively. 

Further, do you want to volumize your natural hair? If yes, these human hair half wigs are for you. They work to add extra volume for a flattering appearance creation. 

Also, are you among those who want their hairstyles to become more intricate? Then, this type of product may make your day. It provides additional hair to your head and lets you create a lot of styles that are more complicated and fabulous. 

How To Choose A Half Wig?

Although the definition of a half wig is simple, selecting the right one is a bit more complex. With so many different types of half wigs available, it can be hard to know which type is right for you. To figure out which type of half wig you should buy, think about why you want a half wig.

If your hair is relaxed/blown-out and you want a similar style.

kinky straight half wig

This kinky straight human hair half wig is so bombed! It looks super natural and blends perfectly with relaxed or natural hair. It is about 12-28 inches, has a Yaki feel and still manages to be lightweight even in the summer heat. It's a must-have!

If you want something to blend with your natural hair.

kinky curly hair half wig

Whether your hair is loosely curled or tightly coiled, there's a kinky curly half wig out there for you. This wig could blend perfectly with your natural texture. For the most natural look pick a half wig that most closely resembles your hair texture. 

Where To Buy The Best Quality Half Wig Online?

Whatever it is, a human hair half wig is a fantastic choice. The question is, where should you purchase it? Sunber hair mall is your best option.  

We provide the best value for money. Our hairpieces are all unprocessed 100% human hair. They come with impressive textures, colors, and styles. It is easy for you to find the most suitable shade that highlights or mix with your real color.

What is more, the price is most reasonable. We will overall bring the utmost convenience as well as flexibility so that you can rock your look daily.

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