How To Install Lace Front Wig?

Lace front wig is more and more popular among fashion women, and part of the reason is that lace fronts are designed to make your hairline look more natural. You also have the option to change where your part lies on most lace front human hair wigs, which gives you more versatility over a regular wig.

When you buy a lace front wig and you must want to know how to install your human hair lace front wig. Today, we will share with you about learning how to wear a front lace wig the right way.

human hair lace front wig

First, Let’s Talk About What Is Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is a special type of wig, which is equipped in the forehead area with a transparent hand-knotted fitting approach, which is usually attached with special adhesive tapes or glue. The hairline looks as if it has grown out of the scalp. 

A lace front wig has a fine sheer mesh at the front with strands of hair individually tied to it to emulate your natural hairline. As a result, you can style this wig away from your face, pull the hair of the wig back in half-up styles, and tuck it behind your ears without the wig cap being seen.

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The Benefits Of A Lace Front Wig

  • Human hair lace front wigs have a breathable unit, this means that it allows for the easy passage of air into the scalp. 
  • Lace front human hair wigs are great for people with a thinning scalp, as it helps them make up for their bald hairline. 
  • With the realistic look it gives, you can style your lace front wig in a variety of ways, from side parts, fishtail braids, ponytails, or a messy bun. Unlike regular wigs, its versatility allows you to style and change where the part lies on your lace front wig, while still retaining a flawless natural hairline. 
  • If you're in the mood to switch up colors, with a lace front wig you can rock any color you like without having to damage your hair. 
  • While sew-ins have to be attached to the scalp to pull off a natural look, lace front wigs give you a more natural look without having to damage your hairline. 
  • With proper maintenance and care, you would be able to wear your lace front wig for up to a year. Storing it by placing your wigs on a synthetic head, or in a satin sealable bag will control frizz and tangles.

body wave lace front wig

Step-By-Step To Install Your Lace Front Wig

Step 1. Conduct a Skin Test

  • Determine whether you have any sensitivity to your adhesive. Apply a small amount to a sensitive part of your skin, i.e. inside your elbow or behind your ear. Leave it there for about 15 minutes, then remove.
  • If there is any irritation or redness do not use that adhesive and select a different type or brand. If there is no irritation, proceed.

Step 2. Flatten Your Hair To Your Head

  • Before you put on your wig, you will first need to prepare your hair.  If you have little or no hair, you will need to use a wig liner to help keep your wig secure. If you have short hair, simply brush it back, away from your face.
  • For longer hair, pin it up by making flat pin curls out of sections of your hair. Keep them distributed evenly over your head to avoid bumps and bulges.

best lace front human hair wigs

Step 3. Prepare Your Skin For Your Wig

  • Wash your forehead, paying close attention to the hairline with a gentle cleanser. Blot dry. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wipe along the hairline to remove excess oil.
  • If your skin is sensitive, apply a scalp-protecting serum to the area after the rubbing alcohol. Allow both to dry before continuing.

Step 4. Fit The Wig

  • (If your wig is brand new follow step 4. If not a new wig, proceed to Step 5)
  • To fit the wig, hold the wig close to the label, tilt your head slightly forward, place your wig to your forehead, and in a front to back motion slip the wig on as you would a bathing cap.
  • Tilt head upright and push the front of the wig back until it aligns with your natural hairline.
  • Tuck in any stray hairs. If you feel pressure around your scalp, the wig is too tight.
  • When you move your head the wig moves independently, the wig is too loose. Use the adjustable Velcro straps inside the wig to loosen or tighten as needed.

Step 5. Apply Your Wig Tape Of Glue

There are two types of adhesive you can use to secure a lace front wig to your head; tape or glue. We recommend trying both methods and deciding which you prefer.
  1. Put double stick tape on the forehead starting mid-forehead and working out. Lay strips side by side until they cover most of your hairline.
  2. Apply glue along the hairline making sure it’s evenly spread, then let dry for approximately 3 minutes.


  1. Place wig on head, making sure wig matches your hairline.
  2. Check both ear tabs for alignment
  3. Using fingertips, smooth wig over tape or glue, working from the center out to your ears.

Step 6. Style Your Wig

  • Human hair wigs may be styled with regular brushes and hot styling tools. Synthetic wigs may be styled with wide-toothed combs or wig brushes.

The Important Tips For Installing A Successful Natural Lace Front Wig

  • Warning: Always clean your skin with an alcohol-free antiseptic before applying glue or adhesives. Do not use alcohol 90 ° or 60 ° at the risk of burning
  • Cut the tulle well flush with the Lace because if the tulle protrudes from the Lace it is anything but invisible!
  • Do not shave your own little hair, on the contrary, they accentuate the natural effect
  • Be precise when you attach the Lace with glue or adhesives. If the glue sticks out, start again the installation, because if the glue sees goodbye invisibility.

Now, you can wear a lace front wig in the right way. If you want to buy the best quality human hair lace front wig, you can go for our Sunber hair that achieves your natural look and unique beauty.

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