What Is Hair Enameling and How To Achieve Slicked-Back Look?

Recently, hair enameling is a hot trend in fashion show. We can see a lot of celebrities and models have the polished look of sleek ponytails or buns when they walk on the stage with confidence. So what is hair enameling? Why it is so popular in 2022?

Hair enameling is a slicked-back hairstyle that gives you the worry-free comfort of a sleek and wet-hair look. Its common hairstyles are low/high ponytail or messy bun at the back of your head.

If you love ponytail or bun styles, this is a great way to help you achieve a high-shine and glowing hair look.

hair enameling

What is the pro of hair enameling?

The pro of hair enameling:


In the first sight, we may think that this new hair technique makes our hair shiny but rock-hard. If you have the same thought like us, we are totally wrong. Different from the normal slicked hairstyle, this hair look achieves that wet-hair style and gives soft texture.

So you do not have to worry it would hurt your hair or cause other hair damage. On the contrary, your hair is shiny and slick while still feeling soft. Give it a try and you will be surprised.

2.Avoid Frizzy, Dry and Dull hair

The another reason why hair enameling worth trying is that it can keep your hair sleek and shiny for a whole day without dryness and frizzy look.

So if you are in an important event, do not have to worry about your hair situation. It is a brightly comfortable choice. Try it to grab everyone’s attention.

3.A Formal Event Must

The wet hair trend has quickly risen from cult favorite to mainstream classic. This heavily-lacquered look is more “hair helmet” than touchable gloss.

Hair enameling debuted on the runways of this year’s fashion month. Since then, it has become a red carpet staple and a street style must.

4.Easy To Achieve At Home

Unique, classic but simple. Even you can achieve it at home. There are some enameling inspiration you can consider. Wanna try out the wet hairstyle?Personally,we are thrilled about it and can not wait to try it.

Edgy Bun

Edgy Bun

Lacquered Waves

Lacquered Waves

Enameled Low Ponytail

Enameled Low Ponytail

How to achieve hair enameling look?

enameling look

Use strong hair spray or gel on your hair

hair enameling

This is a wet look, so you should use enough hairspray to get a ‘wet’ effect. For frizzy hair or flyaways, use a small amount of gel that will smooth down any flyaways and create a sleek look without making your hair feel hard and crunchy.

Choose a hairstyle above you love

Based on your preference, opt for a low bun or ponytail. Remember to secure it in place with a hair tie or break out the bobby pins and start pinning that bun in place. If the ponytail is more your style, secure it with a hair elastic or hair tie.

Make a side part

You can use a comb to create a deep side part in your hair. And make sure there aren’t any stray hairs on the wrong side.

Finish with a Spray

If you’re working with a human hair wig or hair weave, using hair spray is the perfect option, which will help add that extra dose of shine you’re looking for without making your strands feel heavy or greasy.

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After having a basic understanding of hair enameling trend, do you want to try the hair look? We could not think of a better hairstyle to make our hair high shiny and stay in place for a whole day. Time to rock it all day!

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