Can I Swim With My Wig On And How To Do It Without Damage?

In the summer, we are prone to stay cool in the pool or have a visit to the beach. However, there is one thing worth our attention: should I take off my wig when swimming? So, it is quite a challenge for wig wearers.

Today we are going to talk about all the wig things and help you solve the problems when going swimming.



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1. Can I swim with my wig on?

The short answer is yes!!! you can put your wig on and show your beauty and confidence when going swimming. The only thing is that we should pay attention to the details.

First, change the human hair wig to a synthetic wig.

Instead of wearing a human hair wig, choose a synthetic wig as an alternative when going swimming.

When going swimming, it is very common that your hair will become tangled and dry out. So it means you will take the risk of ruining your human hair wig which is expensive and needs high maintenance.

So we highly recommend wearing a synthetic wig at a cheap price that can be changed frequently. In this way, you can also save lots of money.

2. Does water damage a wig?

Yes, it is true. The cold water will damage your wig no matter the fresh water in the swimming pool or the river, sea, etc.

When your hair dips into the swimming pool or sea that contains chlorine (toxic chemistry) and salt, it will be easily tangled and ruined by the harsh substance, like stretching out your wig and drying your hair out.

Even though we can do a lot of work for hair maintenance, the mineral water will leave your hair dull, brittle, and shorten the lifespan of your wig.

3. How to get rid of the annoying water damage?

Put On A Swimming Cap


Other than wearing a synthetic wig, you can also wear a swimming cap to protect your human hair wig. When you dive into the water or freely swim in the pool, just put on a swimming cap and all the damage can be avoided.

After that, having a rest on the beach, you can take off the cap and let your hair flow free on your shoulder. You remain gorgeous, right?

Try Swimming Hairstyles 



High ponytail, pretty braids, and short bob. You can pull your hair up into a high ponytail, braid your hair, or wearing a short bob.

All of them can protect your hair from being tangled. If you just stay in the water with a swim ring, a cute short bob can be the bright choice.

4. How to secure a wig when going swimming?

Then another concern comes. What if I wear a synthetic wig when going swimming? How to secure it?

Apply a water-proof adhesive on the lace wig to guarantee your wig remains to hold on for any situation. You can search online to find it out and use it in the right way.

If you still have doubts on the effectiveness of your adhesives, put on a swim cap for security.

5. What kind of wigs should I wear when going to the beach or swimming?


Actually, it depends on the type of water activity you engage in. But once your hair dips into the water, just follow the advice above.

Here, we highly recommend the particular and secured wigs for outside activities like riding the roller coaster, going to the gym, beach, and swimming.

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With all things considered and troubles solved, we hope this blog can help you remove all the concerns when swimming with your gorgeous wigs on, no hair damage, and be confident and stunning.


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