What Is A Pre-Everything Wig?- Savannah Sylver Come To Define It

Pre-Everything Wigs or Original Wigs? Of course the pre-everything wig! Savannah Sylver showed and wore Sunber's 2024 new arrival - the natural black water wave pre-everything wig in the latest video. The excellent visual effect has attracted the attention and praise of many female friends. So what is a pre-everything wig? Keep reading, we’ll explain it to you in the next section.

Why Did Women Choose Pre-Everything Wig?

With the continuous updating of wig types and colors, people's choice of space is also increasing, but why do pre-everything wigs suddenly appear in people's field of vision?

Savannah Sylver and Sunber Hair jointly explain this phenomenon to us. In the video above, Savannah Sylver shows us the details of the wig and the simple installation steps. Although no glue is used, the wig can be worn very firmly.

You can see from the video that the air wig cap is designed with C-shaped ear edges on both sides. The clips on the inside can help you fix the wig. The pre-cut hairline part and the pre-bleached wig knot make the wig more natural and Easy to install. If you want more lanugo then you can imitate Savannah Sylver in the cut and design.

What’s A Pre-Everything Wig?

So, what exactly are pre-everything wigs? You should have the most intuitive understanding through the video above.

What’s A Pre-Everything Wig

This is a wig that has been pre-processed for you. Whether it is the hairline, lace part, wig knots, etc., it has been pre-processed to ensure that even if you are a wig beginner, you can quickly wear the wig and show it off. Gives a natural look. We can also call it a pre-cut pre plucked pre bleached wig.

What Are the Differences Between Sunber Shake and Go Wigs and Pre-Everything Wigs?

Sunber recently launched a glueless shake-and-go wig, which has been loved by many women. So what is the difference between today’s wig and it?

First of all, both of them can save you time, and both have pre-cut hairline lace to ensure a natural look.

Secondly, the pre-everything wig is an upgraded version of shake and go wig. It combines the advantages of pre-plucked wigs, pre-bleached knots wig, and pre-cut wigs, etc., aiming to provide the most valuable and gorgeous fast fashion wig.

Finally, everyone may be concerned about the price issue. Due to the complexity and upgrading of the process, the price of the pre-everything wig will be slightly higher than the basic version of the pre-cut lace wig, but this can also help you save more installation costs.

Where To Buy Pre-Everything Wigs?

As an online wig brand with many years of experience, Sunber immediately launched several pre-everything wigs that they independently developed and designed. This cooperation with Savannah Sylver also allows Sunber to give everyone a benefit: now click here to purchase the same pre-everything wig and you can use this exclusive discount code - YTB20 to get a 20% discount.

Natural Black Water Wave Pre Everything Wig
Reddish Brown Jerry Curly 13x4 Pre Everything Wig
Piano Brown Highlight Big Curly 13x4 Pre Everything Wig
Body Wave Upgrade Pre Everything Wig

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