How To Do Betty Boop Hair?

When you are unsure about your hairstyle, you might as well try to find inspiration from some cartoon characters or movie characters. Whether it is mermaid red hair, Barbie pink wig, Disney princess haircut, or Betty Boop hair, they are all charming hairstyles that will not go out of style.

What’s The Betty Boop Hair?

betty boop hair

Betty Boop is a cartoon character created by animators. She is a caricature of a modern girl in the Jazz Age. The main image features are a large and round baby face, a very small body, big eyes, and a small nose, as well as her iconic red hairstyle - smooth hair with curls wrapped around the hairline.

How To Do Betty Boop Hair?

You can start styling Betty Boop hair with a short bob wig, or you can style it directly on your natural hair. One of the simplest looks to emulate Betty Boop’s hair is the finger haircut, both of which have curly edges and sleek hair on top of the head.

betty boop finger wave hair

When you design Betty Boop hair at home, you need to prepare a curling iron, bobby pins, styling spray, hair clips, etc. in advance.

First, you need to divide your hair into different sections and secure the other sections with bobby pins leaving one section easy to work with.

Then you need to use a curling iron to curl your hair and secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the above process except for the bangs. For the final baby hair, take a few strands of hair and curl them around your face. Use spray to secure them around your face.

If you want to match Betty Boop's hair with makeup, it is recommended that you exaggerate your eyebrows and eyes, which will better highlight the features of the cartoon character and make your overall appearance look eye-catching.

You can also find inspiration in the video below.

What Color Is Betty Boop’s Hair?

There has also been a lot of discussion about whether Betty's hair is black or red. At least before the advent of color images, the impression she left on everyone was that it was black and curly.

red betty boop hair

Since the original animation was in black and white, it was not possible to determine Betty's hair color, but Fleischer's records revealed that Betty was a pale-skinned cartoon with big blue eyes and red hair. Grim Natwick created an image of Betty with fluffy red hair in 1931. She showed us red hair in her only color appearance in 1934, but she has not used this red hair since the 1930s.

Why Betty Boop’s Hair Is So Popular?

First, Betty Boop was widely loved for her independent female image, and her makeup, hairstyle, etc. also began to be imitated.

Secondly, Betty Boop’s hair is unique and unobtrusive, which can frame her face.

You can try black or red Betty Boop hair, you won’t be disappointed.

Short Betty Boop hair offers convenience and low maintenance.

It's never too late to start a new experiment. Betty Boop hair can not only help you create an independent female image but also give you a new fashion experience.

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