Weave VS Wig, Do You Know Them Well Enough?

Have you ever really understood the difference between a weave and a wig? When faced with a choice, how do you get your answer quickly? Do you like trendy genius wigs kinky straight or braids in the front and weave in the back? The answers are all in the content below!

What’s the Weave Hair?

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Hair weaving is the sewing of weft threads into the wearer's hair to make it fuller or longer. Braids can last up to two months or so, and you may need a professional hairdresser to sew and remove the braid due to the intricate needlework involved in putting it on.

Of course, besides ordinary weaving, the quick weave has become a new fashion trend nowadays. While quick braids get a bad rap for damaging hair, if done properly, they can be a time&cost saving option. By replacing stitches with hairspray, you may also need to take more care of your hair.

What’s A Gorgeous Hair Wig?

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Wigs are divided into synthetic hair and human hair. Wigs are usually a necessity for hair loss or chemotherapy patients to hide thinning hair, and they are also a fashion item for most beauty lovers. The wig is composed of a wig cap and a wig, with adjustable elastic bands and clips inside, which can be easily put on and taken off. About the difference between human hair and synthetic hair wig, click here so you can understand more clearly.

Weave VS Wig, What’s the Difference Between Them?

Coverage Convenience Price
Weave Hair Add Volume Sewn-In/Need Glue Cheap
Real Hair Wig All Head Easily Put On/Off Expensive

1. The coverage area of the two is different. The wig can completely cover a woman's head and consists of a wig cap and a wig. And weaving is only part of the wig, most of which is used to increase hair volume or length.


2. The cost of installation or removal is different. Now the wigs on the market have been continuously upgraded and there are many new arrivals that can be easily installed without glue or needlework, which greatly saves consumers' economic and time costs. And hair weaving requires a professional stylist to help you install it. Even quick weaving requires glue and other tools to install it, and it also requires certain skills when removing it.

3. Due to the different quantities of materials required, their prices are also different. Because wigs are a complete fashion product and come in a variety of shapes, their price is slightly more expensive than weaving.

Types of Wigs & Weaving

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According to whether glue installation is required, it can be divided into no glue wigs and lace wigs. Glueless wigs come in headband wigs, and U or V part wigs, these wigs can provide the most natural look and hairline. They are also relatively cheap in terms of price. Lace wigs can be divided into 13x4, 13x5, 13x6, 4x0.75 lace wigs, etc. according to the lace area. Transparent lace can provide the most realistic appearance and allow the scalp to have enough air to breathe.

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According to the width of the hair, it can be divided into the straight, kinky straight, deep wave, body wave, water wave, Jerry curly wig, etc. Different hairstyles can be matched with different clothing, and can also highlight different temperaments. Straight is the easiest wig to manage, and it's a coveted and universally loved hairstyle. And the charming temperament presented by curly hair will make you the focus of more people.

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Of course, according to the color classification, you will have countless choices. You can choose cool or warm wigs according to your skin tone to match your makeup perfectly.


Whether you're opting for a wig because of hair loss or want to add volume to your hair, choosing between a wig and a weave can be tough in the first place. How and which one to choose depends largely on the condition of your hair and your lifestyle. With all of the above in mind, you’ll want to choose between the two if you understand the differences and explore their pros and cons to ensure you end up with a natural and comfortable style.

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