How Do You Distinguish Real Human Hair Wigs From Synthetic Ones?

Here’s a girl who loves wigs sharing her story with us “I love my real hair and style it every now then but don’t want to overdo it and make it dry and brittle. So wigs came into my life. I used to always buy synthetic wigs, but since trying real human hair wigs, I can’t go back now.”

Now more and more people are wearing wigs. As we all know, hair wigs are divided into real human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. But some people do not know the difference between them, this article will explain the similarities and differences between the two from different aspects.

human hair wigs vs synthetic wig

What’s the Synthetic Wig?

Unlike real human hair wigs, there is no keratin in synthetic hair wigs. It is made of man-made fibers that are more durable than human hair wigs.

How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real?

how to take care a synthetic wig

Because of different materials, synthetic wigs may not look as realistic and natural as real wigs, so how should we change them?

1. Choosing a reliable product brand and buying a wig with a good reputation will be half the battle. Although the material of synthetic wigs is not soft, there are still many high-quality plastic fibers in many alternative raw materials.

2. Use a toner similar to your skin tone to apply to the root of your wig so that it can perfectly fit your scalp, making your wig look more natural and less shiny.

3. Wig caps are the little things that many women will choose to save their wigs. Wearing a wig cap before wearing the wig will make your wig fit perfectly without any weird bulges on the top of your head.

Can you Straighten Or Dye a Synthetic Wig?

get frizz out of synthetic wigs

Almost any wig can be straightened, but wigs made from synthetic fibers require more care. Because fibers are made of plastic, they are sensitive to heat and cannot be straightened with straighteners. But wigs made of heat-resistant fibers can be styled with tools.

Regular hair dye won’t give your synthetic wig the effect you want, so you’ll need to make the dye ahead of time. Mix alcohol-based ink and water evenly at a ratio of 1:1 to get the hair dye, of course, you can add more water if you want to make the color of this dye softer.

What’s the Real Human Hair Wig?

human hair wig

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Human hair wigs are made from real, natural, harvested human hair. They look just like your own hair.

How is Human Hair Wigs Made?

real human hair wig

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The hair used to make human hair wigs generally comes from Asia, India, Eastern Europe, and South America. The manufacturer will first clean the human hair, then decontaminate it. For the colored wigs, it will firstly bleach the hair, and then add the corresponding dyes according to the dyeing number for dyeing.

Next, they will sort the hair by length, remove any damaged clumps that don’t meet the criteria and sort the hair into clumps by length.

Finally, the hair bundles of the same length will be sewn on the wig cap to make the desired shape.

What Is the Difference Between Them?

Synthetic Wigs Real Human Hair Wigs
Raw Materials Real Human Hair Man-Made Fibers
Hairstyles Any Hairstyle You Want Any Hairstyle You Want
Restyle Cannot use heated tools for styling Can Be bleached, dyed, straightened and permed
Usage Time 4-6 Monthes 1-3 Years
Maintenance Method No Frequent Cleaning Requires Regular Shampooing And Care
Price Cheap Slightly More Expensive Than Synthetic Wigs

We can clearly see the difference between the two types of hair from the table, and the most common way people use to distinguish the two types of wigs is by burning. If your budget is not particularly low, a real wig will often be your best partner, because it is more breathable, can be restyled, and will last longer under your careful care.

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It is true! synthetic hair is super dry and tangled. I won’t buy it again!!!

Jasmine June 21, 2022

I need a real human hair wig without shedding.

Derrel June 21, 2022

I bought a synthetice hair before but it can not be dyed.

Martha June 21, 2022

I bought a synthetice hair before but it can not be dyed.

Martha June 21, 2022

I definitely need a real human hair wig, it can be bleached and curled without worries. thanks, sunber hair.

JaiChanellie April 28, 2022

I love your straight hair with bangs, is it still in stock?

Abby April 28, 2022

you told me everything I need to know about synthetic hair, thanks!

Cecilia April 28, 2022

I got a synthetic wig before but it needs more care after being bleached and straightened. I really need a human hair wig.

Ivy April 28, 2022

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