Disney Princess With Red Hair--- One Of The Hair Color Trends 2023

The Disney princess with red hair and blake lively's red hair once again set off a wave of hair color, one of the trending hair colors in 2023 --- red, you are worth trying.

Are you also attracted to redheads? Enthusiastic and unrestrained colors will make our eyes shine, and can also bring a lot of fun and excitement to our lives. While not many people are born with red hair, luckily the wig industry gives us the opportunity to try something new. Crimson, burgundy, copper, red highlight hair? These options will make you more charming!

Who Is The Disney Princess With Red Hair?

We can get inspiration for red hairstyles in different Disney characters, be it the shade of red or the length of the hair. There's no denying that red hair is one of the handy ways to make a character stand out. Different from the red-haired characters who symbolize irascibility and villains in film and television dramas, Disney's combination of red hair and characters imagines us conveying a truth: be brave to be yourself, and go your own way meaninglessly.

The well-known Disney Princess Ariel is the most well-known Disney red-haired princess. What girl would not like Princess Ariel's mermaid red hair? The red hair not only easily establishes the characteristics of the princess who is fearless but also forms a visual collision effect with the green tail, which makes the princess character more fully.


Also worth mentioning is the tall, sexy and beautiful redhead Jessica, who is even more charming with her luxurious long red hair and bangs covering her right eye. While her looks have been questioned and ridiculed by many, she has proven brave, witty, and beautiful.


Does the princess have to be bound together with being quiet and well-behaved? Princess Merida has changed people's stereotypes of princesses through her own stubbornness and tenacity. Her quirky and hearty personality with flowing curly hair makes the character image deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


Long red braided hair with bangs is the hallmark of Princess Anna, who lives life with an open-minded and optimistic attitude despite many difficult events.


In addition to the red hair of the Disney princesses, Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, also has messy ginger hair.


Can Black People Have Red Hair?

Naturally growing red hair is extremely rare, accounting for only 1%-2% of humans. Yet everyone seems to be experimenting with more colors, especially bright reds. Under the premise of absolute health and safety, all women can choose a red wig. Every girl should throw away the restrictions on our pursuit of beauty and fashion, there are no real rules in place for what we do with our hair. Regardless, everyone needs a redhead phase.


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Why Choose A Red Color Hair?

Glamorous and trendy red wigs must be a great choice when you want to change your hairstyle. In many cultures, red means passion, fire, and celebration. With its stunning fiery color and a bright shine, red hair will definitely make your hair stand out!

Red hair does not only represent a certain color, there will be a series of soft or bright colors for us to choose from, such as ginger and copper wigs suitable for spring and autumn, red wigs with highlights, or strawberry gold wigs for summer, and burgundy and red wigs for winter.

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Where To Buy Red Hair Wigs?

Sunber provides red hair wigs in various textures and lengths, and we also provide detailed installation and display videos for every consumer's reference. In the video below, Bella walks us through every detail of the wig as well as her handling and fitting process. Through the character and appearance of Disney princesses, all characters convey freedom and bravery. Be a unique free princess and bravely try wigs of various colors!

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