This Cherry Red Hair for Women is Trending in 2024

Brown hair has dominated the past half of the year, but in the new year cherry red hair can be a stunning, eye-catching, and unique presence. Read on to learn how to make your own cherry red hair and the hair inspiration it can bring.

What’s Cherry Red Hair?

what's cherry red hair

Cherry red hair is inspired by the juicy red fruit and is based on a vibrant undertone obtained by blending crimson and purple. The cherry red color is a deep, bright red, unlike true bright red, which is close to the color of ripe cherries. This is a trend-setting color that has been widely used in the clothing and hair industries.

Will I Suit Cherry Red Hair?

Cherry red hair paired with vibrant crimsons and purples is perfect for people with dark skin and will better accentuate brown eyes. Because any red hair connotes warmth, and cool-toned reds are no exception, you can try cherry red hair in any season, too. If you want a different style, pairing cherry red with short bob hair will give you a romantic Parisian feel.

So before deciding whether cherry red hair is right for you, you need to know your skin tone, eye color, and the makeup you want to pair it with, etc.

Darker shades can overshadow lighter skin, and if you want red hair, you'll have to use makeup to match it.

Women with medium skin tones will be better suited to bright, cheerful reds, but auburn and natural red hair can also be your go-to.

Chestnut and deep auburn will look great with dark skin, but adding a burgundy undertone to the hair will have a different effect.

Determining your eye color by observing how your eyes glow in natural light in the mirror can make it easier to determine whether a hair color is suitable for you. Dark red hair is most suitable for blue eyes, while light brown or copper red hair is suitable for people with amber eyes. If your eyes are light brown, then autumn-toned hair such as ginge hair is the best match.

How To Get Cherry Red Hair?

Before you start dyeing your cherry red hair, you need to decide whether you want to DIY it at home or seek help from a professional hairstylist. Although going to the barbershop may require a higher budget, since achieving cherry red hair will require several steps of bleaching and dyeing, leaving it to a professional will definitely give you satisfactory results. If you choose to dye your hair at home, you first need to prepare high-quality bleach and hair dye and determine the mixing ratio of the pigments.

1. Wear an apron to avoid hair dye staining your clothes, which can be difficult to clean.

2. Dividing your hair into small sections will ensure you get a complete and even color.

3. Try to have a helper when dyeing your back and other blind areas to prevent the dye from getting on your skin and causing damage. You can try using Vaseline if you accidentally get hair dye on your skin.

Trendy Cherry Red Hair Inspiration

Although many fashion trends usually come and go, red is indeed a mainstay in the fashion circle. Many brands will add red elements to their logos or promotional pictures to better capture the attention of young people, and inspired by cherry red hair, you can also try the following red hairstyles with different shades.

Bright Cherry Red Hair

Bright Cherry Red Hair

Bright cherry red hair paired with long hair in wavy textures can provide a sexier vibe.

Dark Cherry Red Hair

Dark Cherry Red Hair

Among the many bright hair colors, dark cherry red hair will be more popular. It is unassuming yet sparkles in the sunlight.

Cherry Cola Red Hair

Cherry Cola Red Hair

Cherry cola hair is different from the likes of ruby and auburn, it goes with any skin tone, enhances your natural features, and even though it's not that bright, it gives off a beautiful glow when the sun hits it.

Black Cherry Hair Color

Black Cherry Hair Color

Black cherry hair is a great combination of red and purple, and it might combine well with you if you have a cool-toned complexion. It can meet all your needs for dark and sexy autumn hair.

Brown Cherry Red Hair

Brown Cherry Red Hair

Brown cherry red hair combines chocolate and red to present an eclectic tone that is warm and elegant. It is a hairstyle that women of all ages are pursuing.

Should I Have This Cherry Red Hair?

Certainly! Be bold in trying fashion and beauty in the new year, and design your own cherry red hair color according to your skin tone and needs. A free and confident woman will be more attractive.

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