Black Cherry Hair Color---One Of The Hair Color Trends 2023

2023 has arrived, and it's a brand-new beginning! We all make our wish lists at the beginning of the year, do you have some hair-related plans? Are you ready for the hair color trends in 2023? I hope that after reading this article, black cherry hair color will become your first choice in 2023!

It's one of the more classic colors with a perfect blend of burgundy, magenta, violet, and black shades, making it the perfect stunning color for any time of year.

What Does Black Cherry Hair Color Look Like?


Black Cherry is a cool shade that flatters all skin tones through its deep purple and red blend but is especially flattering on those with darker skin tones, perfect for those looking to add some depth and richness to their looks sensitive people.

A more intuitive interpretation of black cherry hair color is the color of the fruit black cherry. The fruit of the black cherry is distinctive, a very dark red to almost black drupe. Most people's impression of black cherry color is that there is a luxury in addition to fruit because black cherries are often of higher value. So, a black cherry hair color can not only make you look brighter but also make your hair look more textured.

How To Get Black Cherry Hair Color?


Choosing the right hair dye can give you dark cherry hair at home. We usually recommend opting for a demi-permanent dye, which fades over time so you can try different colors and hairstyles throughout the year depending on your mood. It's always important to do a hair test before you start, just to make sure the color is right for your hair type. Second, it is vital to choose the correct shade of black cherry hair dye among the many brands and types of hair dye.

Coloring your hair at home can be intimidating because of the unknowns, but of course, you can always turn to a salon near you for help. Check out your hair dye kit before coloring your hair, prepare all the tools you need, and then be sure to take the time to read the instructions, follow the detailed steps above to mix the color you get, and how long the color needs to stay on your hair.

What’s the Difference Between Black Cherry Hair Color and Burgundy Hair Color?


The two of them are not exactly the same colors, black cherry is darker and sexier than burgundy. Burgundy is more of a reddish brown, while black cherry is a mix of deep purple and red. Admittedly, the black cherry shade is customizable, so whether your hair color looks more burgundy or purple is entirely up to you. Beyond that, you can try ombré or balayage styles for a subtle mix of depth and shadow.

How To Care for Black Cherry Hair Color?


Refuse All High-Temperature Operations.

As much as we love a hot shower, it can't be very kind to our hair. Too hot water can wash away the essential oils in the hair and dry out our hair and even fade the color, so washing the hair with warm water will make the color last longer.

Using heat-free waves or curl enhancers instead of heat styling to restyle your hair will not only give your texture a more natural look but will also largely preserve your hair color.

Choose A Color-Safe Toiletry Set.

When we color our hair we can of course choose to use our previous wash and conditioner, but to make our color brighter and more vibrant, color-safe shampoos and masks will deeply hydrate dry-colored strands and enhance shine.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Frequently.

Washing your hair too often can damage the structure in your hair and rob hair of its color vibrancy, so try to limit how often you wash your hair. If possible, make an appropriate salon appointment for a hair treatment to keep your black cherry hue looking its best.



Knowing the characteristics and care methods of black cherry hair, you can boldly choose which one is suitable for you to welcome the new year. Here are free and easy pop short hair, charming and moving long body wave hair, hip-hop style braided hair, gentle and lovely short bob hair, and flamboyant black cherry highlights for you to try.

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