Stunning Money Piece Hair Ideas in 2022

Do you remember Beyonce's breezy money-piece hair in 2019? This hairstyle that not only brightens the face but also highlights the hair color brought a new fashion trend at the time, and more and more women began to understand and fall in love with the money piece hairstyle. So, does this fashion trend still exist? Are there more new ideas? The following content will take you to understand whether the money piece modeling will surprise you in 2022 and the next 2023.

What Is Money Piece Hair?


Intuitively speaking, the money piece is achieved by a set of very small highlights or baby lights around the ends of the hairline, and it is common to dye the front few strands of hair a different blond than the rest of the hair. Through continuous dissemination and innovation on Tik Tok, many people have gradually started to try blue, pink, or other colored highlights from the initial golden highlights.

For many wig lovers, money-piece hair wigs should be called highlighted wigs or balayage hair wigs, but they all will bring a highlight effect to women’s wigs.

How To Do Money Piece Hair at Home?


There are many ways to make common money-piece hairstyles. Many people choose to go to the barbershop to ask the hair stylist to do the styling, but some people want to do it at home. Next, we will introduce how to make money piece hair by yourself.

1. You can start by applying three carded and braided foils back to back.

2. Directly behind these, take a triangular section, braid and comb it, then start applying the highlighter about 2 to 3 inches from the hairline.

Another way is to wear a wig with highlights at home, you can choose any style and color highlight wig at Sunber.

How Much Does Money Piece Hair Cost?


Generally speaking, hair highlights come in different tiers, ranging from $20-$500, depending on the length of your hair, the level of salon you choose, and how many highlights you want to have. A common money piece hair look will only cost you $75-$150, while you might pay up to $350 if you opt for a high-end salon.

When you don't have enough natural hair to support you to go to the salon to make a hair money piece, you can choose a suitable balayage/highlight wig, ranging from $80-$200, which is related to the type, length, and density of the wig you choose. The important thing is that you can choose the payment method of buy now and pay later to save your budget, and under the premise of proper protection, a wig can be used for a year or more.

How To Style Money Piece Hair?

If you like the look of face-framing, then you can color your hairline, it can be 613 gold or a jumping rainbow.

A low ponytail can also fully show your unique charm.

Blunt with highlights cut bob hairstyles by keeping the ends thick and using highlights to accentuate your facial features, adding more layer.

If you like to experiment with something more subtle, try a thinner part, it's still bright and close to the roots will make you look lively and cool.

Not only is the actual color of the money piece versatile but so is your style. You can straighten, curl or braid them for the most natural free-hanging look.

Money Piece Hair with Bangs


Money Piece Short Hair


Red Money Pieces Hair


Pink Money Piece Hair


Braid Money Piece Hair



The money piece highlight is actually a hair coloring technique that uses front hairline lightening to frame the face and freshen up your overall hair color, this look is a more refined interpretation of the colors of the past. This hair coloring technique looks great on any haircut, creating dynamic hairstyles full of texture and volume, which is a big reason why it's always been trend-setting.

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