How Well Do You Know about Rainbow Hair?

Break the rules and feel the courage and freedom! Rainbow hair wigs full of wild and free spirits often appear in high-spirited auditoriums and cheerful festival parties. Without the constraints of rules and ideas, the rainbow wig only brings you a real sense of excitement and fashion.

If you are tired of the cookie-cutter natural black and blonde hair on the market today, try rainbow human hair wigs or rainbow dyes! Wear a rainbow wig and you'll be as unique and dazzling as your wig.

What’s A Rainbow Wig?


As the name suggests, the origin of the name of the rainbow lace front wig is because it is very similar to the rainbow in appearance, and there are many colors combined to present a colorful and dazzling feeling.

But it is definitely not just a monotonous one. We usually see clown-colored wigs, mermaid rainbow hair, and barbie rainbow hair wigs, but rainbow wigs are also suitable for daily life or holiday parties.

When you choose to use dyes at home to get a rainbow wig, you can choose according to your preferences which color the final result of your wig will focus on, blue or red, and some people will like the color contrasting 613 gold with a colorful wig. And the appearance of wigs just satisfies those beauty-loving girls who don't want to dye their hair!

How Much Does It Cost to Get Your Hair Dyed Rainbow?

If you choose to dye your hair for a stylish rainbow style, you must take these factors into account when calculating your budget, the location of the salon, the professionalism of the colorist, your intended color goals, and the condition of your natural hair. Generally speaking, $150-$400 is enough to get you gorgeous rainbow hair.

How to Do Rainbow Hair?


It is essential to bleach your hair before coloring it to make it light enough to better impart stylish color to your natural hair. If you are a newbie and want to experience safe rainbow hair dye then we recommend that you do it with the help of a professional, as improper use of bleach can cause harmful burns and permanent damage.

Be sure to determine the color you want before dyeing your hair. If you are unsure, you can choose based on your skin tone as a reference. Adhering to the opposite principle, choose warm colors for cool skin tones, otherwise choose cool colors.

The last step is to dye your hair. Using different color layers will definitely give you the dramatic effect you want.

What Are the Most Popular Rainbow Hairstyles?

The classic rainbow hair is made up of several colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, which perfectly correspond to the colors of the rainbow. But under the continuous innovation and experimentation of people, we can now see all kinds of rainbow hair color ideas, flamboyant or beautiful, dramatic or elegant.

Contrasting Gradient Rainbow Hair

Contrasting Gradient Rainbow Hair

Black or dark tones with colored hair will create a strong visual impact and make your rainbow streaks stand out.

Hidden Rainbow Hair

Hidden Rainbow Hair

Hiding your rainbow stripes in the upper section of undyed hair will not only make your hairstyle more natural but also add more playfulness. Looming rainbow streaks will make you sparkle when you braid or rock your hair.

Rainbow Braided Hair

Rainbow Braided Hair

Braids have always been a great sidekick for rock 'n' roll or happy occasions. When you braid colorful braids and match them with pop-color makeup, you'll get extra joy and style points at the party.

Rainbow Short Hair


Although both long and short hair can show the gorgeousness of rainbow hair, short hair with colorful texture will show more personality and is suitable for women who love sports.

Soft Curly Rainbow Hair

Soft Curly Rainbow Hair

The perfect blend of pastel shades and rainbows paired with playful curls is sure to be every girl's dream rainbow hair look. This is sure to be your bold and fun attempt!

Peach Rainbow Highlights

Peach Rainbow Highlights

If you are dark-skinned and want to try bright rainbow wigs, then warm-toned peach rainbow highlights must be your best choice. It is not only a summer conditioner but also a winter colorant.


What better way to show your true self than rainbow hair? Proudly introduce yourself to others on each celebrated day! All women can refer to all of the above for any kind of hair dye or rainbow wig ideas to try sweet and brave fashion styles.

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