Layered Bob Hairstyle You Cannot Miss

Bob as the classic hairstyle is varied. The original Bob became popular in the 1920s for its beautiful flash, but it was not ideal for women with curly or thick hair. So the bob has been in the process of improvement, and a hierarchical bob has appeared.

What does a layered bob look like?

A layered bob refers to a haircut somewhere between ear-length and shoulder-length, consisting of multiple layers overall. That means that some parts of the hairstyle are shorter than other parts to achieve a textured look.

layered bob hairstyle

What is the difference between a textured bob and a layered bob?

The textured bob is like a layered bob, and the textured bob is trimmed to minimize the weight at the bottom. To make our bob look more textured, the stylist uses scissors to trim the hair tail even further. In addition, the horizontal use of scissors can not trim the layers of the wig, the stylist tends to use the scissors perpendicular to the hair. This way can more obviously highlight the length of the hair changes. Textured bobs are generally more suitable for babies with curly hair.

textured bob

A layered bob is a good option for anyone with thick, straight hair. A few subtle layers give the cut shape and curve and keep it from looking too bottom-heavy. This style may also work for women with fine, straight hair because it can give thinner hair the appearance of more volume.

Consider a layered bob if your face is long or thin, as the layers should add some flattering width, but avoid if it you have a round face. Because the bob may start to look strange as the layers grow out, be prepared to make frequent salon visits for maintenance.

Layering and texturing are not mutually exclusive. A stylist can give you a layered bob and then add some texturing to the individual layers to give the hair plenty of movement, and to camouflage the layers a bit to make them less obvious.

10 Layered Bob hairstyles you deserve to try

1. Bronde Bob with Long-Feathered Layers

Bronde Bob with Long Feathered Layers

A medium-layered bob parted on the side looks fabulous with long feathered layers. The chin-length peek-a-boo bangs can be left loose or tucked behind the ears for a sleeker and more mature appearance.

2. Sophisticated Bob with Subtle Layers

Sophisticated Bob with Subtle Layers

A layered bob with blunt edges is more intense when paired with a dark or vibrant hue. The subtle layers build shape and texture to your tresses while allowing your color to shine.

3. Dishwater Blonde Bob with Layers and Highlights

Dishwater Blonde Bob with Layers and Highlights

Platinum highlights create dimension without any manipulation or styling. Light layering accentuates the haircut and promotes movement, making it easy to have a put-together look with minimal effort involved.

4. Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Layered bob hairstyles with balayage colors are particularly fashionable right now. For those who like the chicness of the bob, but don’t want to lose their length, choose a tapered collarbone cut and you won’t be disappointed!

5. Short Layered Bob with Accurate Edges

Short Layered Bob with Accurate Edges

Precision is key when it comes to getting a short layered bob with accurate edges. Retro-inspired and associated with Mary Quant’s hair from the sixties, this cut has been given a contemporary twist in the form of highlights and choppy layers.

6. Inverted Layered Ash Bronde Lob

6. Inverted Layered Ash Bronde Lob

An inverted long layered bob cut is quite understated if compared to the classic inverted bob. It features the same wedge shape but looks softer because of the length and shows less of the neck and jaw-line which is a plus for a chubby face.

7. Curly Jaw-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

Curly Jaw-Length Bob with Choppy Layers

Jaw-length bobs with choppy layers create the thickness and liveliness necessary if you have thin or lackluster hair. To blend chin-length layers into the rest of your cut and add some glossy and glamorous aesthetics, curl the top sections of your hair away from the face.

8. Classy Bob with Angled Midshaft Layers

Classy Bob with Angled Midshaft Layers

Layered bobs can be given dimension by implementing angled midshaft layers. Ask your hair colorist to lighten your ends for added interest. Then allow your tresses to fall naturally for a subtle and classy look.

9. Bronde Bob with Thin Layers Throughout

Bronde Bob with Thin Layers Throughout

Layered bob haircuts come in many variations: not just one length, but also angled and inverted ones. This bob possesses an interesting, modern silhouette and looks stunning. Especially with tousled styling and partial balayage.

10. Collarbone Ash Bronde Bob with Wispy Layers

Collarbone Ash Bronde Bob with Wispy Layers

Commonly, the longer the hair, the heavier it looks, but a long layered bob can look as light a feather with the right layers and coloring. If you want an airy hairstyle that breathes with freshness, go for wispy razored layers and a subtle partial balayage in cool tones.


Bob can bring us a different surprise every time, if your hair is thin, straight type, you can consider texture bob. If you have a lot of hair and are curly, you can consider a layered bob, there is always one that will meet your needs. If you don't have the courage yet, you can try buying a bob wig and see how it works, Sunbershop may have what you want.

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