4Z VS 4C Hair, Do You Know More?

4 hair is a hair type characterized by tight curls that require more care due to its tendency to dry out. Although 4c and 4z hair is messy and extremely curly, you have to remember that everyone's hair is unique, and true natural beauty will be admired by everyone. So how to distinguish these two kinds of hair? Keep reading!

What’s 4Z Hair?

@zbhoney I got it into a bun and that’s all that matters #naturalhair #fyp original sound

4Z hair means your hair has very tight coils and extremely high density. I once saw a very interesting video where the poster joked that she thought her straightened hair would instantly turn into 4z hair in heavy snow.

While this will make most people start screaming, it must not be called a struggle, that's what natural hair movement is all about, and it's LOVELY!

Did You Think You Were The Only Girl Bothered By 4z Hair?


There are many girls who think "Are you the only one with such curly hair?" before seeing more 4z hair, but in fact, it is not. When you open Tik Tok or Instagram, you will find that everyone is bravely showing their natural and real 4z hair, the comment section is also very loving.

Although less than 20% of people in the world are born with naturally curly hair, 4z hair is not uncommon. Not only black women, but some Asians and whites also have very curly natural hair.

What’s 4C Hair?

short 4c hair

4c hair is the most curly and tight type of common hairstyle, with strands forming tight elastic ringlets. 4c hair tends to clump more at the ends, but 4z hair shrinks more than it does. The actual length of 4c hair will be several times as long as it appears.

Because 4c and 4z hair are more tightly curled, they are also prone to dryness, and the hair quality is relatively fragile, so they need to be gentle in daily care. Try to brush when your hair is wet, and keep your hair damp from time to time to reduce tangles and tangles.

4Z VS 4C Hair, Do You Know More?


Type 4 hair looks like a mass of tight coils and has a spongy texture that can range from soft and fine to the touch to really dry and rough, depending on the individual hair characteristics. According to the characteristics of hair, we usually divide type 4 hair into three types: a, b, and c, but you may see 4z hair in some places, so what are their similarities and differences?


☆ Both are naturally curly hair that exhibits tight curls and can look dry and messy if not cared for properly.

☆ They are very fragile and break easily, so stay away from heat-styling tools and chemical treatments in your daily life.

☆ Choose the right hair moisturizer to enrich your super-tight curls reduce frizz and add shine.


☆ 4z hair is considered to have tighter curls than 4c hair, and the difference between dry and wet hair is greater.


Protecting your natural hair is no sprint, it's a constant battle, you may spend years figuring out the products and treatments that are right for your hair type, but you will definitely find confidence and beauty in it. Braiding your natural hair and choosing a suitable curly wig will also make your life full of surprises and joys. In any case, be yourself and be brave to shine!

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