Teaching For Glueless Wig Installation

Are you a wig enthusiast? If you like wearing wigs, then you must have collected glueless wigs . It is a benefit of our wig party. In the hot summer, We went out beautifully with our beloved wigs, but because the temperature is too high, our hair may slip, glue may melt and many other problems affect our use experience. To solve all the above problems, today to introduce the installation of a glueless wig, the novice is also easy to use oh.

glueless wig

What is a glueless wig?

A glueless wig holds a wig on the scalp without using glue or adhesive. A glueless wig usually uses a lace cap and adjustable bands to help fix the wig. This is relative to the previous wig clips, glue, and bands are more convenient and comfortable. Adjusting the tightness of the lace hair cap and the adjustable bands, allows the wig to fit our head circumference tightly. These functions help to keep the wig safe and without requiring any confusing or potentially harmful chemicals.

lace hair cap and the adjustable bands

Steps on how to install a glueless wig:

Step1: Deal with your natural hair

To make your wig look more natural, you need to process your natural hair first. In general, You can braid your hair into cornrows or tie it into a neat ponytail.

Step2: Get your wig ready and clean it up

You can comb your hair with a comb before wearing a wig. Be sure to comb it. Otherwise, you may not be natural after wearing it. In addition, you should keep your head clean, especially near the hairline, and you can use cotton pads or cotton swabs to clean up the nearby cosmetic residues. Being left untreated for a long time, it may cause your hairline to move backward.

Step3: Try it on several times and adjust the wig

For beginners, you need to try several times to adjust the tightness of the shoulder strap to make it fit your head circumference. You find your hairline and then wear a wig along your hairline. If your wig is lace, you can use a colored pen to mark the lace position to be retained. Then watch the position of the wig, and if too big, you can tighten the straps. If it is slightly small, you can loosen the straps.

Step4: Make it look even more natural

If you want it to look more natural, you can try cutting a baby hair. Stick to your hairline, get a bit of hair with the tip tail comb, put the scissors perpendicular to your hair, cut out some layers, and finally fix the baby hair with a small brush and styling product.

Steps5: Trim the wig according to your style

You can change the style of your wig according to what you like. For example, if you want straight hair, you can use a straight clip, but be aware that the temperature of the straight clip is not too high. You can choose a loose powder similar to your skin color and fill it in the hair seam with a makeup brush. Finally, use some hair care products to apply them to the wig to make it look more shiny and smoother.

What are the advantages of a glueless wig?

1. High quality, and at a reasonable price

High quality

Only human hair can be made into glueless wigs, so you don't have to worry about quality when buying this wig. And human hair can be processed twice, so you can bleach, dye and restyle to design your style.

2. Easy to wear and save money

The biggest advantage of glueless wigs is easy to install, which can save you a lot of time and effort. And it's usually difficult to operate with glue, so you may need the help of a barber, which can cost you a lot of money here. But the glueless wig completely solves the problem, and you can complete the installation at home.

3. Safe and healthy

Safe and healthy

A glueless wig can both protect our hairline and liberate our scalp. Regular use of glue or adhesive can stimulate and block the pores of the scalp, and for a long period can cause our hairline back or even hair loss. Glueless wigs use lace hair caps to ensure air circulation between the hair, and at night, you can easily remove the scalp and the pores to breathe freely. In contrast, glueless wigs are more durable than glue wigs.

4. Various shapes and various kinds

Glueless wigs are that they are more versatile in terms of styling. Since you can easily take them on and off, you can switch up your hairstyle or color more frequently without damaging your natural hair. You can also wear your hair in different styles, such as a ponytail or updo, without worrying about the wig shifting or falling off. Glueless wigs, come in different styles, colors, density, you can choose according to your favorite.

How to buy a glueless wig?

If you have recently considered buying a glueless wig, would you like to try the same video above? This wig is a Sunber Reddish Brown Jerry Curly Pre-Cut Lace Wig Glueless Lace Front Human Hair. This wig is truly free to wear, requires no glue at all, and is easy to use. The lace hair cap matches the skin color of your skin. The hair is fluffy and layered, and the visual effect is very good.

Sunber Reddish Brown Jerry Curly Pre-Cut Lace Wig Glueless Lace Front Human Hair

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Glueless wigs will give you a different experience, bringing benefits to those who want convenience and comfort. Also, with a variety of styles and customization options available, glueless wigs offer the option for anyone who wants to change their look.

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