How To Choose A Colored Wig?

If you are uncomfortable with your decision to wear a colored wig, your first thought may be to choose a wig that is as close to your current hair colour as possible. Buying a colorful wig may be a great opportunity to give yourself a makeover without the hassle of an expensive salon colouring job. Choosing the right wig colour can be a challenge. If you have never worn a wig before, the actual wig colour may differ from what you see on the screen due to individual monitor settings and lighting conditions.

The great thing about wearing a coloured wig is that you can easily get the colour you want without causing chemical damage to your hair. We have provided tips and important information to help you through your wig colour journey.


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1 Important fact before choosing a coloured wig

2 How to determine your skin tone?

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1 Important fact before choosing a coloured wig

Choose a colour that is close to your natural hair color.

  • Consider carefully before choosing a color that is more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. The results are less desirable when you choose a much lighter or darker colour than your natural hair. The safe choice is to choose a shade similar to your natural hair color, but if you are looking for something new, consider changing the color gradually over some time.

Choose a shade that complements your skin tone.

  • Skin tone is very important when choosing a wig color. As you get older, your skin tone tends to fade. A hair color close to your skin tone or slightly lighter will brighten your complexion and make you look younger. A strong contrast between your hair and skin tone will allow you to focus more on your facial features.

Don't forget your eyes.

  • If your eyes are golden brown, green, hazel, or light blue, choose a U part wig with dark brown or golden brown, maroon, russet or red highlights. If your eye colour is dark brown, dark blue or dark brown, choose a wig with a more natural color, such as black, brown or blonde.

Choose a hair color that suits your stage of life.

  • As you get older, lighter hair tends to be more flattering than darker hair. Lighter, warmer shades provide a softer, more natural look for lighter skin tones. Many people are afraid to adopt greys or colors as they age, but these shades are often the most flattering.

Another thing to remember is that if you are undergoing chemotherapy, your skin may start to look paler than usual. An easy way to compensate for this is to choose a human hair wig that is two or three shades lighter than your natural color. Wig colors like blonde wigs are best for women of certain ages.

2 How to determine your skin tone?

When choosing a wig, you should choose a shade opposite your skin's undertone. So, if you have cool tones, you should choose a wig with warm tones, and if you have warm skin undertones, your wig should be cool. If you have neutral undertones, you can choose either way. You should also keep your natural colors in several shades, either darker or lighter, to get the most natural and appealing look.

Colored wigs in warm tones.

  • It would be best if you avoided blue, purple, (beige) and grey-based lace wigs because they will "wash out" your skin tone. Instead, choose blonde shades darker than your skin, such as caramel and bronze. Darker, warmer browns, chestnuts, rich golden browns and russets, warm blondes and red highlights, and golden blonde shades will suit you best. Any color with red-orange or golden undertones is right for you. Try using golden blondes, copper streaks, and golden brown-toned highlights as a great way to add warm tones to your hair. Avoid ebony hair that will wash out on you; if you choose a blonde, don't go too bright.

Colored wigs for cooler tones.

  • The best wig colors for cool-toned people are shiny inky blacks, cool browns, cool blondes from mink to platinum and icy whites - avoid yellow or blonde blondes. Try wheat, honey, taupe or brown highlights. It's best to stick to neutral, grey and beige undertones when choosing a wig color.

If this is too confusing, we suggest you stand outside in the sun and hold a mirror. Look for shimmers of color in your natural hair color. Choose from warm tones if you see red, orange or yellow. If you see blue, green or purple tones, stick with cooler tones.


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3 Summary

Whether you like to compliment and enrich your appearance or want to experiment with new looks, choosing the perfect hair color for your wig cannot be easy. Colored wigs have become a staple choice for everyone because of their versatility. Anyone can wear a colored wig without damaging their hair.

Wearing a colored wig is exciting. With a simple color change, you can instantly change your look. Plus, it's faster and easier to try new colors without damaging your natural hair. When making your choice, don't forget to consider your skin tone, eye color and personality. Once you've met your "color", you'll discover a new confident you.

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