How To Install 613 Blonde Bob Wig?(With Video By Hypnoticlaadyy)

The short hair bob wig is so cute, you all like cute so I'm switching up my hair videos and I want to show you all what this looks like before we get into it. So that way you're going to be enticed to stay to the end, you can know how to slay this cute wig. 

blonde 613 bob wig

Today, I am pairing with my lovely friends at Sunber hair to bring you this beautiful bob wig. I absolutely love this blonde short bob wig.

If you're looking for the best place to get a blond wig with some other colored bob lace wig buying with cheap prices while I'm shipping you're going to need to hit up Sunber hair.

I love them they've done me right twice now so I really do like them it's 100% virgin human hair brand, you can go ahead and Click Here directly to their website where you can browse and look at all the amazing human hair wigs they have, but yes I just want to show you this before the video starts and we're going to get into this full install including the bald cap. Let's go. 

Video Tutorial By Hypnoticlaadyy

The Step-By-Step To Install The Blonde 613 Short Bob Wig

Step 1

  • I'm going to use is this hair oil, it is this coconut oil hair and I like to put this on my edges just to give them that much-needed moisture before a wig installs because you definitely want to keep your hair moisturized look, at my hair, it looks crazy all, but don't you worry, it still won't work I only do two braids because I have thin hair.
  • If you got thick hair, you're going to need about four or five, six but I can get away with two and it still looks flat. So because that's one thing about having thin hair, but you all know I've appeared with Sunber hair. 
  • I paired with you all were in love with it was actually another blonde unit but the blonde unit I had before was like a brown root. 
  • I really love that you know it was so beautiful you all know Sunber Hair Mall is the place to go. 

Step 2

  • I'm now going to take my edge brush and my edge booster this is how it looks it starts off as a gel but dries like edge control. So good literally the best edge control ever for any hair texture from mine to straight to 4c type like it will slick anything.
  • What I do is I just slip back my edges so that way. I have a very nice flat surface, you don't want any of your edges getting stuck in any glue. So you want them to be nice and pushed back. 

Step 3

  • Now we put the wig cap on my little eyebrows, so you all next up let me find my glue. 

Step 4

  • I'm gonna use my glue. I got a new primer glue-like just so much stuff like tape and it's still holding up. Now, what I'm gonna do is just stretch this part out a little bit more because of this parts thicker around your ear, it's more likely to come up so kind of stretch around your ear a little bit more.

blonde bob human hair wig

Step 5

  • So that the bald cap is thinner and then I'm going to go ahead and trace in the pattern of my hair. Today, I am working with a side part as you guys have seen,
  • so I'm not going to do anything crazy with the middle right here. 
  • Then we go ahead and we spread to make sure don't put it on your edges kind of just wiggle it back and forth until it's nice and spread out. 

Step 6

  • It should look something like this taking my blow dryer to dry my cap. I actually like to go on my cool setting, so I'm gonna go to cool and high and blow-dry this until it is dry.

Step 7

  • We can cut this cap, cut right where the glue ends. You're gonna feel it let your scissors guide you, folks. So here's what my bald cap looks after I've cut it. What I want to do is color it a little bit just tint it.
  • I've been using this fit me powder for months, and it hasn't run out because I'm literally just going to self-explanatory tint. So it can really melt like skin.

Step 8

  • Alcohol and we're just going to disinfect before we go ahead and put on this wig because you want to be clean. You don't want to be dirty and you're not typically surfaced.
  • Now we can proceed, I'm going to take my go spawn and start young. This is the time where we apply our one layer one nice and thin layer. See how I'm literally following that same pattern very easily.

Step 9

  • I'm gonna now go ahead and spread it. I like to give a nice about a quarter inch just so that the wig in the lace has a little bit something to grasp onto because that tiny little line is not doing much. So we need to make it a little bit bigger than that.
  • Now that my one layer is applied. I'm going to actually go on warm. I'm going to go ahead and dry this for about 45 seconds, just so it's not wet. I just want it tacky. So I can now take my beautiful Sunber hair wig.
  • I think this is so cute I'm gonna take the thumbtacks out of here to hold it down. I just love how seamless their laces. Their lace really matches my skin color, so I want to get close to this lace.

Step 10

  • I'm going to now go ahead kind of move it like that. So that it can stick, I can go ahead and blow dry it with my blow dryer, and we're now going to our warm setting, so this can be melted. I'm going to do this for about two minutes and then we're gonna cut the lace. Now that it is melted. 
  • I'm gonna go ahead and cut my lace. I like to go in sections, so eyebrow here and let's just pin this back a little bit more right here.

Now I have finished the wig install by Sunber hair. So pretty, so beautiful, so different, so I definitely recommend Sunber 613 straight bob wig.

We do have a coupon code that you can use to get some money off for Sunber hair. You 'all loved them last time, and I actually really recommend them so I love it.

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