How to choose a wig for your first time in cosplay?


In cosplay, wigs have a great influence on the reduction degree of characters and level of appearance. Today, the author would like to introduce some knowledge about how to choose and buy a wig for those of you new to cosplay.


What Is “Cosplay”?

Cosplay refers to the use of costumes, trinkets, wigs, props and makeup to impersonate one's favorite characters from novels, anime and video games. “Cos” is an abbreviation of the word “costume”, so to be specific, cosplay refers to “costume play”. Cosplay has been around for a long time, but it was Disney that really brought it to public. Disney opened the world's first Disneyland in 1955, inviting employees to dress up in Mickey Mouse costumes and pose for photos. It was the first ever Cosplay based on an animated character. Nowadays, Cosplay culture has penetrated into various fields such as movies, games and anime.


How to Choose Your First Cosplay Wig

First of all, when faced with a wide variety of wigs, the first thing many people think about is what price to buy wigs. So we should first understand the quality of the wig is how to reflect: when playing a particular game or movie character, the reduction degree of wig shape and color is an essential factor; In the general quality of all wigs, mainly look at the following aspects:



Most cosplay wigs are made of high-temperature resistance fibre, with a small percentage of them made of Kanekalon (you can buy wigs made of human hair if you can afford it, of course). The biggest characteristic of the former is heat resistance, which can withstand a high temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius, you can use a flat iron and curling iron to do a variety of modeling, while Kanekalon can only withstand temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius. At the same time, high-temperature resistance fibre is softer, smoother, and easier to handle, so most cosplay wigs are made of high-temperature resistance fibre. High-quality high-temperature resistance fibre is more smooth, neat, anti-static and photogenic.


Take an 80cm long straight wig as an example, if the weight is 220g then the hair volume is too small, and will show the hairnet, 320g weight is moderate, but if you need to play a character with a lot of hair, you may need a thicker version of the wig. Meanwhile, those with large heads can opt for a wig with less or normal hair volume to make the head more in proportion to the body. Of course, if the volume of the wig you bought is excessive, you can go to a hairstylist to make adjustments.


A wig consists of strands of hair sewn into rows, with rows sewn into a hairnet. A bad quality wig is easy to lose hair, one of the reasons is that the sewing process is not exquisite enough, serious will also affect the shape of the wig.


Good quality hairnet is generally elastic rose hairnet, full of elasticity, suitable for most people to wear, and at the same time more breathable and comfortable; Other textures of the hairnet nearly have no elasticity, not suitable for those people who have a large head circumference.


Toupee is generally divided into a linting process and a downing process, the former is a piece of simulation scalp in the middle of the head, which is more realistic; The latter refers to a special treatment on the top of the wig, relatively fluffy, you can choose according to the need.


What a wonderful thing it is to pursue what you love. Dress up as an anime or movie character and instantly become your fantasy person. From the real world to the two-dimensional world, cosplay let you forget the troubles in life, and roam in the fantasy. Now you can click through the link to become the figure in the painting!


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