How does wig color affect our moods and behaviors?


As an extremely important element in visual communication, color is the first to give the audience psychological and physiological cognitive response in the process of information transmission. And human hair, especially those colorful wigs, has a unique social nature because of its more eye-catching features. Therefore, the psychological effects and mechanisms of wig color on oneself and others have long been a topic of constant concern for beauty seekers and scientists.

Color Psychology

Since the 19th century, many scientists have devoted themselves to the study of the influence of color on human emotions and behaviors, and color psychology came into being. The purpose of color psychology is to analyze and show the properties of various colors, and their psychological phenomena under the effective mechanism. Although the individual differences of human beings lead to the ever-changing influence of color on human beings, the correct analysis and display of color can greatly reduce people's troubles caused by improper use of color, and how to use color to have a positive impact on our social life.

The Application of Color Psychology in Wig Design

As the best visual language to express emotion, color not only has the function of conveying information but also has the potential role of guiding. At the same time, people's choice of wig products is no longer limited to functionality or practicality, but is more inclined to use a variety of colors of wigs to express personality and output emotions.

White Wigs:

This color gives a fresh and clean feeling, full of youthful vitality and modern feeling. White also symbolizes nobility and purity, for example, British judges still maintain the tradition of wearing white wigs in court. White wigs are not only suitable for solemn occasions, but also fashionable.


Reddish Wigs:

Bold, passionate, eye-catching colors that show full strength and confidence can convey a unique feminine charm and are especially suitable for dating environments. For beauty seekers with a lively and cheerful personality, reddish wigs are the perfect way to show off their personality.


Black Wigs:

Representing gravitas, seriousness, sensuality and mystery, black is the most popular color in luxury cars, and black wigs are also the most popular and timeless product. If you don't know what color wig to choose, you can't go wrong with a black one.


Blonde Wigs:

Blonde wigs give people a doll-like delicate feeling, the color is brighter than black and brown, and visual appeal will also be increased by the brightness of the hair color, showing a stylish image temperament. Blonde hair and blue eyes are also considered standard European beauty.


Silver Wigs:

People tend to associate silver with things full of advanced sense, silver represents the frontier and the future, and many high-tech products choose silver as the main color. Silver wigs give people a more edgy and fashionable feel. There's a game called "NieR: Automata," in which the heroine is beloved because of her trademark silver hair. The image of the silver-haired female warrior is also deeply rooted in the players.


How to Choose A Suitable Wig Color

Research in the psychology of color has shown that different colors can have different effects, from lifting our moods to causing anxiety. The color of the clothes and accessories we wear says a lot about our personality, and color preferences say a lot about the type of image we want to project. Although people's perception of color is subjective, the effect of color is universal. Color creates the same impression for different people.

The wig should be worn to coordinate with the skin color. If you want to match your hair color, you should try to choose the same or close to the color with your hair color. It should be chosen according to the skin color when your hair amount is less or you have no hair. For example, white skin should choose tan, light brown wigs; Yellow skin can choose maroon, dark brown wigs; For dark skin, black or brown-black wigs could be a better choice. To participate in the costume party and other activities, the wig color should be selected to coordinate with the makeup color and lighting, such as wine red, golden yellow, orange, purple, etc.


Above all, wig color is essentially a reflection of color psychology in reality, and the wig color can not only show the owners’ personalities but also bring many positive effects to their social life. For example, bright wig colors make people feel livelier and have a subtle effect on their mood and the impression they make on others. At the same time, the choice of wig color can not be separated from their own skin color and wear, only reasonable collocation can make wig products bring us the maximum effect.

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