Toupee VS Topper VS Wig, What Are the Differences Among Them?

Hair loss is no longer a sign of old age. Due to the pressure of life and work, many young people have begun to experience the pain of hair loss or receding hairline. In addition to daily relief and stress reduction, maintaining their appearance is also very important. Have you heard many different names for wigs? A toupee wig, topper wig, human hair wig, or hair bundles? In the following content, we will work with you to take a closer look at each "wig".

What’s A Toupee Wig? Topper VS Wig, What’s the Difference Between A Wig And A Topper?


A toupee is a small wig tailored for the wearer, and most men choose it. The word comes from the Old French word "toupet" which means "tuft of hair". Used with a wig adhesive, it easily adheres to the scalp to cover bald areas on the scalp or help you hide a receding hairline.

Toupees and wigs vary significantly in coverage, functionality, design, and price. Toupee wigs are more commonly used by men to cover the bald part of the head. Wigs are usually chosen by women. On the one hand, they can cover baldness, and on the other hand, they provide women with more fashionable and beautiful hairstyles.

What Are Topper Wigs?


A hair topper is a piece of hair attached to the scalp, often referred to as a small wig, to cover up bald or thinning parts, adding volume to the hair and creating a beautiful hairstyle. This hairpiece is becoming more and more popular and solves many people's hair problems.

Hair Topper VS Wig, Is A Topper A Wig?


Also known as a half wig or top, a hair topper, unlike a wig, is only used to complement your existing hair by covering the bald areas on the top of your head.

A wig topper is also not a complete replacement for your natural hair, as it only adds volume to some of the top areas of your head due to limited coverage. Wigs can add volume to your overall hair and create unique new hairstyles.

Of course, many people will find that a hair topper wig is more convenient and more breathable because of the different areas covered. But wig manufacturers have been improving each of their products in recent years, and lace wigs and the glueless cap wig is currently very well received.

How To Turn A Wig into A Topper?

1. Measure your old topper to get the correct dimensions for the new piece.

2. You can make your human hair wig a little bit larger and then try it on to see how it fits. Then, cut it down a weft or two more to fit the top of my head.

3. Find the correct size for the wig. Using a sharp scissor to cut the vertical bands just below the bottom weft for the length you measured the topper. Pay attention! Don’t cut through the wefts they will unravel.

4. On the sides where there is solid fabric, you must flip the piece over and part the hair where you plan to cut. Do not just cut through the fabric or you will cut through the hair on the other side.

5. Slide the scissor on the parted area and gently cut the fabric. If you accidentally cut through a weft, just take a needle and thread to sew it back together.

6. Trim the lace front on the side corners so they are curved and not pointed.

Toupee VS Topper VS Wig, What Are the Differences?


Seeing this, you must have some understanding of several types of wigs, no matter what type, their most essential purpose is to cover the part of the hair that people think they are not very good-looking. The following table will more intuitively show the difference between them.

Suitable Group Area Breathability Price
Toupee Men Small Better Cheap
Topper Women Bigger Better Cheap
Wig Women&Men A Whole Wig Good Expensive/Affordable


Studies have shown that hair loss affects people's normal lives more or less, and many people will have psychological problems and reduced social and life self-confidence. Nowadays, more and more products are affecting and changing our lives. Choosing a suitable wig to welcome a new self will make your life suddenly brighter. According to your needs and budget, choose one of the above wigs that suit you best!

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