18 VS 20 VS 22 Inch Wig, What’s The Best Wig Length For Women?

Different wig lengths have their unique characteristics. When choosing a wig, what we need to pay attention to is not only the color, wave texture, and lace area but also the length of the wig. Broadly, we can divide wigs into three types: short hair, medium-length hair, and long hair. When we buy a wig, we usually see the exact number, 18, 20, 22 inches, etc. What is the difference between them, and how should we choose?

How To Measure Wig Length?


We must be able to measure the true length of a straight-hair wig effortlessly, so how should we measure it correctly when we encounter curly hair?

1. Lay the wig flat on the table or place the hair vertically with the help of the wig head mold.

2. Use a soft ruler from the root of the wig along the longest part of the hair to the end of the wig, make sure you straighten your curly hair naturally. This completes the measurement of the length of the wig.

How Long Is A 18-Inch Wig?


An 18-inch wig is considered a long wig, and it is the most popular wig length chosen by women. 18 inches of straight hair falls from your shoulders to the center of your back naturally, silky and beautiful. If you opt for an 18-inch curly cut, you should expect the actual look to be slightly shorter than straight hair, usually ending at your shoulders. But the 18-inch wig is easy to manage and gorgeous.

How Long Is A 20-Inch Wig?


The 20-inch wig is so long that the ends reach almost to your waist, giving it the effect of blowing in the wind as you walk. The 20-inch length is generally highly functional and can be styled into any fancy hairstyle, as well is perfect for any occasion. The 20-inch body wave wig is usually the highlight of every party, and it does a lot to build our temperament.

How Long Is A 22-Inch Wig?


22-inch wigs usually help us attract more attention, and 22-inch wigs are long enough so they are also very suitable for deep and body wave styling. But if you don't like ponytails or buns, longer hair may make you hotter in summer, so you need to choose carefully.

18 VS 20 VS 22 Inch Wig, What’s A Good Length For A Wig?


What size wig is the most suitable? When this question arises, we will receive different voices from all directions, everyone is recommending to us their own comfortable length, but is it really suitable for us? So what kind of wig length is suitable for us? We need to consider this issue from multiple angles.

1. Consider Our Lifestyle and Character.

Before choosing any opinion items, you need to ask yourself what you like. If you are lively and active in your daily life and like to be unrestrained, then you should love short hair more. But if your heart tells you “I need a long wig no matter what”, fine, follow your heart.

2. Consider Our Height and Face Shape.

A 22-inch wig has different effects on tall and short people. At this time, we need to consider whether the actual length we want is at the shoulders or at the waist.

Secondly, in order to better modify the face shape, we often recommend that girls with round faces try long hair, which will make them more cute and charming, while girls with square faces are more suitable for layered short hair or shawl hair wig.

3. Consider Wig Density.

Have you found that wigs with the same length but different densities show different real lengths? High-density wigs will not only help us increase hair volume but also enhance visual enjoyment. It usually looks longer than low-density wigs.

What Size Wig Is Best For Beginners?


Beginner-friendly wigs usually need to be manageable, easy to install, and affordable. To be honest, when it comes to the best wigs for beginners, I would recommend 18-20 inch glueless human hair wigs, or upgrade pre-cut lace wigs. Wear and go wigs help women save a lot of time. While providing women with more possibilities, mid-length hair wig is also easy to take care, of without the need to seek help from outsiders.


You must now be familiar with the information about wig length, choosing a suitable wig will increase your comfort and happiness. Of course, on the basis of the wig we already have, we can do the cutting and styling by ourselves, so boldly choose your own wig at Sunber!

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