Free Part Closure VS Middle Part Closure VS Three Part Closure

Closure hair is the best hot selling products in our store. If you want a natural look, the human hair bundles with lace closure are your good choice. But we have many types of lace closure weave, free part closure, middle part closure, three-part closure.

Which part lace closure should you choose? What are the differences between the three types of lace closure? As for these questions, we will get into today's topic-free part lace closure vs middle part lace closure vs three part lace closure.

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What Will You Learn From This Article?

  • What Is Free Part Lace Closure?
  • The Pros And Cons Of Free Part Closure
  • What Is Middle Part Lace Closure?
  • The Pros And Cons Of Middle Part Closure
  • What Is Three Part Lace Closure?
  • The Pros And Cons Of Three Part Closure
  • Difference Among Free Part Closure & Middle Part Closure & Three Part Closure
  • Which One Is Best For You?
  • Where To Buy The Best Closure Hair?

First, What Is Free Part Lace Closure?

You can part this closure anywhere. You can create a zig-zag part, a curvy part, and you can part it any way that you can part your regular hair. The free part closure is also the best if you want to wear your hair straight back with no part. The hair will look like it is coming from your scalp.

free part closure

The Pros And Cons Of Free Part Closure

The Pros

  • The free part is more convenient for the stylist to choose to part your hair in different areas.
  • With free parting, you can create all the different styles.
  • It further makes it the most natural-looking closure compared to the others discussed above.
  • You can use it with all your different hair extension units and it will work best.
  • It appears to be one of the cheapest hair closures we have.
  • The free part even works best when you are thinking of wearing your hair straight back and without parting.

The Cons

  • When wearing the closure, you will have to try a little harder to maintain the parts.

What Is Middle Part Lace Closure?

Help you have a popular hairstyle in a short time. Not the same with 3 part lace closure, our middle part lace closure has more hair on the area of the middle part, which can make your hair more natural, realistic and long-lasting.

middle part closure

The Pros And Cons Of Middle Part Closure

The Pros

  • It works to give a natural finish.
  • It’s soft and more specifically smoothly blends with your own natural hair.
  • They look more natural just because it’s easy to part the hair down the middle.
  • It’s the work of your stylist to add more hair to the middle part so that it looks even natural.
  • The thing about this middle part is that it looks so good and similar to your natural hair.

The Cons

  • The middle part closures don’t make installing easier. They are actually much more difficult. It restricts me to one or three set parts that look unnatural. Even when they are installed very well…who naturally has a part that perfectly straight and square.

What Is Three Part Lace Closure?

Three-Part Closures are one of the bestsellers, unique and created by our very own founder. The 3 part lace closure is based on a regular closure, the difference is it has 3 partings already permanently placed allowing for various styles, they are on the right and left of the closure and in the center.

Where there are three parts. Two on each side and one in the middle, allows you to wear a middle part and a side part on either the right or left.

three part closure

The Pros And Cons Of Three Part Closure

The Pros

  • This three-part closure can help you to switch the part from one side to the other and even confuse people making them think that it’s all different hairstyles. This is more effective if it’s more than a 4×4 closure.
  • You can glue or sew-in but depending on the method you choose to use; it can make it easier to style or install.
  • It’s easy to take care of the parts.

The Cons

  • Some people find it hard to install so they prefer to go to the stylist so that they can make it for them.
  • If you aren’t careful about the installation, your hair may look unnatural.
  • With a closer look, you can see the other pre parted sections.

Difference Among Free Part Closure & Middle Part Closure & Three Part Closure

Free Part Closure VS Middle Part Closure

  1. A free part is the most natural-looking type of lace closure.
  2. Unlike pre-parted closures, free part closures don’t look bad at the slightest error in the installation process.
  3. However, if you opt for a free part, remember that you might have to put a bit more effort into “keeping up with the part.”
  4. With pre-parted closures, it’s virtually impossible to lose where you part your hair, but because you have the flexibility to change your part with a free part closure, it can be more difficult to train your hair to part in a specific place.

Middle Part Closure VS Three Part Closure

  1. Middle parts and three-part closures are types of pre-parted closures.
  2. Pre-parted closures are beneficial because they can be easier to install and, depending on how they are installed, can allow you to switch between different side parts, as well.
  3. However, when wearing a sew-in lace closure with a three-part, the Brazilian hair, 100% virgin hair or synthetic hair will need to be installed without any errors because if the closure is even slightly off, the whole wig will look bad.
  4. Another thing to remember with a three-part is that, while it can provide a fun and unique look, the part doesn’t always look natural. Even when a three-part is properly installed, you can sometimes still catch a peep of the other parts that you are trying to cover.

closure weave

Free Part Closure VS Three Part Closure

  1. Both of these hairstyles are easy to part and easy to wear as closures. You should, therefore, bleach the knots for either style of closure. They give you the versatility of styling.
  2. The Free part will give you even more styles to part on. The three-part work the same way but it has minimal styles compared to the free part one.
  3. The Free part gives you the luxury of choice whereby you can part it from whichever angle. This means you don’t have it already pre parted and you can even decide not to part it at all and still look your best.
  4. The three-part will also allow you to switch the parts from one side to another. This eases the process of parting the hair. So, they make it easy to keep up with the parting.
  5. It’s not easy to keep up with the part if you are wearing the freestyle. This is usually problematic since you have to be good at styling your hair.

Which One Is Best For You?

I don’t think we have a clear closure that will suit you but we have all the closure hair to fit you at different times.

Free part closure works when you are looking for a natural-looking hairline. It’s further versatile as you can part the hair from anywhere. If you want to know more about the part free lace closure, you can read our previous post.

Middle part closure hair can be made to look more natural because natural hair can be parted perfectly down the middle. Additionally, your stylist can add extra hairs around the part to make it appear more natural.

Three-part closure allows you the versatility of changing parting at any time with ease. Middle, left and right parting all at your convenience.

Where To Buy The Best Closure Hair?

Sunber hair closures feature the 100% unprocessed virgin hair. The fact that the lace closure hair is unprocessed makes it easy to color, straighten, curl and style it in whichever style you desire. I like that it has thick full ends which makes it easy to work with.

It maintains a natural color and texture which is why it embraces the different colors and textures. It features a grade 8A quality hair that doesn’t shed or tangle. You will find it soft and smooth. Choose Sunber hair to achieve unique beauty with the wholesale price.

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