Fluffy VS Wet & Wavy Hairstyles, Follow Always Ameera To Know More

One wig = two styles?! Yes, we don't have to worry about how to choose the shape anymore. If you love fluffy hair and smooth and shiny wavy hair at the same time but don't know how to choose, you can find the answer that makes your heart beat by reading below!

What’s The Fluffy Hair?


We would think that fluffy hair is dry due to lack of moisture if we are not using any special techniques when styling it, but we can also achieve this bouncy and shiny fluffy look somewhere in between messy and massive blowouts with the help of a few tools. If you want to know more about fluffy haircuts, click here to continue reading.

What’s The Wet And Wavy Hair?


As the name suggests, wet and wavy hair is hair that can take on two states. When dry your hair will be naturally voluminous, and when wet you'll end up with beautifully smooth and bouncy curls. For women who just want a little variety, wet and wavy wigs can do the trick. It only takes a little change to get different hairstyles.

How To Get Wavy Haircut From Fluffy Hair?

We can easily find the answer from the video below. At the 20:25 node, Always Ameera put forward the idea of wanting a more shiny hairstyle and then started to act. You can watch the video directly or cooperate with our written steps to achieve the perfect wet curls.

First of all, you need to prepare the tools we need: wide tooth comb, mousse (or water), brush, hot comb, hair dryer, etc.

Step 1: Comb hair with a wide-toothed comb.

Step 2: Apply the mousse (or directly replace it with water) evenly on the wig a small amount and several times until all the wigs are kept moist.

Step 3: Comb the root part of the hair with a hot comb, and use a hair dryer to help shape the hair or arrange the shape and let your hair dry naturally.

Step 4: If you used water in the second step, don't forget to apply a layer of essential oil or conditioner to your wig at the end to keep it in condition.

Why Does Always Ameera Recommend Sunber 1b Hair Color Water Wave Wig?

Wet and Wavy Transparent Lace Front Wigs Water Wave Glueless Pre-Cut Lace Wig

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Every woman will be amazed by the beauty and nature of Always Ameera’s hairstyle. Among Sunber's many premium wigs, why did she choose this one?

About the color: natural black is the closest to the color of human hair, no matter in any season, it will not look abrupt. On this basis, we can also try to do any other hair color.

About the hairstyle: The texture of the water wave wig is between the body wave and the Jerry curly texture. It is usually soft, luxurious, and thick, and can achieve unexpected effects. It gives smooth and voluminous styling even on wet hair.


Wearing this wet and wavy wig recommended by Always Ameera will allow you to easily switch between the two hairstyles for true wig versatility. Whether it's an everyday lazy fluffy haircut or a delicate and shiny wet wavy texture, it will be your summer must-have.

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