How To Get Fluffy Hair Guys?

If you know all about 90s hairstyles, you must be obsessed with fluffy hair. Although fluffy messy hair may not sound ideal when associated with summer, this hairstyle does a great job of adding volume and looking lively. This free-flowing hairstyle is becoming more and more mainstream.

What Is Fluffy Hair?


Fluffy hair is different from 4C and 1A hairstyles. It has a lively feeling, which makes people feel relaxed and even casual. Its main function is to increase volume and feel furry. It is obtained by applying various hair care and styling techniques in order to achieve soft volume.

How To Get Fluffy Hair?

How to quickly get fluffy hair? We have summarized 4 simple and efficient methods, you can choose any one according to your needs. Of course, you should also note that some methods may be more friendly to short hair, while others are suitable for any hairstyle.

1. Use Hair Rollers


Hair rollers are one of the most convenient tools for creating volume, and you can choose the texture you want among different types. You can use your shower or makeup time to let the hair roller work, or you can use the blow dryer to dry your hair on each roller, and you will get the most natural volume.

2. With Specialized Hair Care Products


If you want to achieve the most textured and voluminous hair, then replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with a volumizing hair product that will literally give your hair volume. The hair care products you choose must contain ingredients that can lock in moisture and increase moisture and grip in your hair. This will bring better elasticity and shine to your hairstyle and make it easier to style.

3. Reverse The Direction Of Blow Dry Hair


If you blow dry in the direction of your hair, you will notice that your hair is getting thinner and stiffer as it gets closer to your scalp. To achieve a voluminous look, all you need to do is change the direction in which you blow-dry your hair. Blow dry your hair from the bottom up or from the left to the middle of your left hair, and from the right to the middle of your right hair, and you will find that the fluffy hairstyle is getting closer and closer to you.

4. Use A Hair Diffuser


The hair diffuser must be the most simple and efficient tool mentioned today. It can help your hair dry quickly and reduce heat consumption, disperse the air, and get bouncy, shiny, and fluffy hair. (But it's generally friendlier to people with curly hair.)

How To Stop Hair Going Fluffy After Washing It?


Sometimes we are bothered by overly fluffy hair because it can accentuate our dryness and lack of shine, so how can we avoid it?

First of all, avoid washing your hair every day. Too frequent washing will cause the loss of some oily substances on the scalp, resulting in dry hair.

Second, air dry your hair naturally instead of using a blow dryer on hot air, as any heat tool can damage your hair.

Finally, replace everything that touches your hair with silk to minimize friction and keep it healthy and shiny.


Fluffy Hair tends to have more texture than smooth, bone-straight locks, and more and more influencers are opting for this style. This is not only suitable for women with naturally curly hair but is also very popular among men. Sometimes short fluffy hair can surprise us even more.

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