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Wigs are essential for every beauty lover. Just like lipstick and bags, you can enhance your charm with a little change. As a wig lover, my favorite wig is still curly. Especially big waves. It makes me feel confident and charming when I wear it. I like this feeling. Now I would like to introduce to you some wigs that I fell in love with recently.

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What is the most natural-looking curly wig type?

1. Body Wave Honey Blonde Highlights Lace Frontal Wigs

Sunber Body Wave Honey Blonde Highlights

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This wig features a lace front cap design with bleached knots. The thin lace hair cap fits closely with the scalp, making it more natural and real when you use it. In addition, this hair is handled with great attention to detail. For example the hairline problem and hair density problem that we often pay attention to, this wig has a good solution.

2.Voluminous Bouncy Curls Loose Wave Wigs

Sunber Voluminous Bouncy Curls Loose Wave Wigs

The reason I recommend this wig is because it looks more youthful. Its curvature is slightly smaller, and the color is brighter, so the overall wearing effect is very good. This wig is very suitable for daily life, it is very beautiful with just random pictures. Moreover, this kind of wig is made of real human hair. So, it can withstand high temperatures. If you want to change your hairstyle, a hair straightener can help you solve it.

3.Dark 99J Burgundy Body Wave Wigs

Sunber Dark 99J Burgundy Body Wave

The color of this wig looks good and highlights your personality. If you like gorgeous colors and want to try different styles, then I recommend you to try this color. Purple can brighten up your skin, and it can also accentuate you are unique. If you want to go to a party, choose this wig, it can make you stand out in a crowd.

4.Jerry Curly Glueless Wigs Invisible 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wigs

Sunber Jerry Curly Glueless Wigs

For babies who like natural hair color, this wig is worth trying. Especially its curvature is very small, it looks more lively and lovely. The most important thing is that it helps us deal with baby hair very thoughtfully. If you buy it at home, you can use it directly.

These are the wigs I have tried if you have not tried curly hair. I suggest you take the first step bravely. If you have curly hair, how should you care for it to last longer? The following method may help you.

How to maintain curly wigs?

1. Regularly comb curly wigs

comb curly wigs

After wearing a human wig, the wig should be inspected for tangles. If there is a knot, it should be sorted out in time. Otherwise, the wig may be destroyed.

How to comb the wig correctly?

First, use a comb to gently comb through the wig to remove knots and tangles.

Second, you can use water or moisturizing conditioner, and apply it to the surface of the wig with the help of a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. This avoids excessive friction from pulling the hair, reducing the chance of wig frizz and hair loss.

2. Treat frizzy hair with conditioner

Treat frizzy hair with conditioner

Spray water on frizzy hair or use a leave-in conditioner to control those tangled ends.Sometimes all curly hair needs a little moisture to rebuild and get rid of that nasty matted hair look. Oiling can help lock in moisture and add life to curls. If the hair gets too oily, it becomes heavy and the only way to get it back to its original shape is to wash it.

3. Wash the wig regularly

Wash the wig

Washing your hair in time can help you keep your scalp healthy and is the easiest way to restore your wig to its original shape. When cleaning the curly wig, squeeze the curly hair from bottom to top with your hands, otherwise, the wig will loosen and destroy the original shape.

4. Restore it after washing

curling iron

Divide the hair into sections according to the wig's curl type or the curls you want: smaller sections for tighter curls and larger sections for looser curls or waves.

Gently twist each curl with your fingers and let it return to its original shape. If you find that your curls aren't bouncing back like they should, try twisting them in the opposite direction.

With curly human hair wigs, you can use a curling iron to bring back the curls, but be sure to use moderate heat.

5. Store wigs carefully

Store wigs carefully

When you are not using them, please put them on the wig stand, but put them in a ventilated place to prevent damage to your hair. You can cover these curls with a satin cap to protect them from dust and other elements. The satin cap retains moisture and protects hair by minimizing the chance of accidental rubbing or rubbing. Another option for protecting your curls is to store them in their original packaging when not wearing them.


A beautiful wig can make us happy all day long. Put on beautiful makeup and have a happy summer. You can choose the curly wigs that suit you according to your preferences. At the same time, take good care of your wig.

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