13x1 VS 13X4 VS 13x4x1 Lace Front Wig, the Most Complete Lace Wig Guide

Creating a new stylish look by wearing a comfortable and natural wig is a delightful way to protect your real hair at the same time. How to distinguish and choose the one you need among the many kinds of lace wigs? Follow this quick guide if you're ready.

What’s A 13x1 Lace Wig?


As a type of lace wig, the 13×1 lace part wig looks similar to the front lace wig but has less lace in the front. A 13x1 lace wig with 13 inches of lace on the forehead from the left ear to the middle of the right ear, and 1-inch deep lace in the middle of the dividing space, looks like an upside-down "T" shape, so it can also be called a T part wig.

What Is 13x4 Lace Front Wig Meaning?


The 13x4 lace front wig is one of the most common and trendy wigs today, the lace extends 13 inches at the front of the wig to cover the entire hairline, with a 4-inch deep section. There will be adjustable bandages and small clips on the rear wig cap to help women better fix the wig.

What’s A 13x4x1 Lace Front Wig?


As shown in the picture, we can clearly know that the biggest difference between this 13x4x1 lace frontal wig and the 13x4 front lace wig is that the former has 1-inch wide lace in the middle of the wig, not the entire 13x4 lace area on the forehead, it can also be called a partial wig.

What's A 4x0.75 Lace Wig?


The names of lace wigs are mostly related to their size. As the name suggests, the 4x0.75 lace wig, a small-area lace wig that is very popular at present, is named after the lace area at the top of the wig is 4x0.75, and many people will call it a T part lace wig.

This wig not only retains the natural and real hairline and seam but also reduces the lace area to a certain extent, thereby reducing the cost of the wig, which is one of the important reasons why many women choose it.

13x1 VS 13x4 VS 13x4x1 VS 4x0.75 Lace Front Wig, What’s the Difference?

13x1 Lace Wig 13x4 Lace Front Wig 13x4x1 Lace Front Wig 4x0.75 Lace Wig
Lace Area 13x1 13x4 13x4x1 4x0.75
Breathability ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆
Beginner-Friendly ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆
Price $$ $$$ $$ $
Natural Hairline
Any Hairstyles Middle-Part Any Hairstyles Middle-Part Middle-Part

The biggest difference between the three wigs is the position and area of the lace part, and the corresponding breathability and price will also be different.


If you just want a regular lace wig and have a small budget, a 13x1 and 13x4x1 lace front wig can do it well.

Of course, if you have a sufficient budget, choosing a 13x4 frontal wig will bring you a special sense of experience, and you will not regret your choice.

Are Lace Front Wigs Comfortable?


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Super Breathable.

Lace wigs have always been known for their good breathability. Many celebrities choose a beautiful lace wig when they attend events or sing and dance.

It is a must-have item in hot summer because lace can provide enough air to the scalp, so it is often more comfortable and cooler than other types of wig cap structures.

Provides A Natural Look.

You are sure to receive compliments from those around you when you wear a lace wig because the perfect fit between the lace and the scalp will make your hairline look like it has grown out of your real hair.

Compared to traditional wigs, they can give you a more natural look, and they must be the best companion for boosting confidence in your daily life.

Various Hairstyles Can Be Achieved.

The three kinds of lace wigs mentioned today can satisfy your pursuit of mid-part or ponytail hairstyles.

And the versatility of the 13x4 front lace wig in terms of styling will realize any kind of hairstyle you imagine, whether it is a side part, a high ponytail, or a half up half down hairstyle, etc.

Can Anyone Wear A Lace Front Wig?

That's right, anyone can choose to wear a lace wig. Whether you are a woman who is looking for beauty and different looks, or you need a wig to change your appearance and increase your confidence because of life, this will be a very good choice.

You must have heard of upart and v part wigs that have been particularly popular in the past two years. Are you also excited about this? Because it does not require glue installation or sewing, it has become the fast fashion that many people pursue.

Wearing this wig also has certain requirements for your natural hair, you must have enough real hair to fill in the missing parts of the wig and blend the two well. But whether or not you have good real hair doesn't make a difference when you wear a lace wig.

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