Copper Hair VS Plum Hair VS Strawberry Hair, Which Color You Will Pick?

Good summer, ladies! The hot summer has come, do you ever want to change a warm hair color? Are you worried about choosing a hair color? Today, I would like to recommend you a universal background color----red. Red as the background color can be reconciled with other colors into a unique color, worth trying!

background color-red

What it looks like?

Copper hair

Copper is a beautiful color that’s essentially a less-intense shade of orange, boosted by glowing yellows and accents of red. People love copper because it tends to have a subtle golden undertone, but gets a little pop of brightness from the orange. Copper is on the “warmer” side of red since all the components of its base include warm shades like yellow, orange, and gold. Copper really shines on people with blonde or light-brunette hair because these shades have a lighter base, which looks beautiful when layered with warmer reddish tones found in copper.

Copper hair

Plum hair

Plum is a bit brighter than copper, if you’re looking for a more radiant hue, choose plum as an undertone. Adding violet under the plum will deepen your color so the finish is warm instead of bright. This is one of the many reasons we love auburn—it’s just one of those shades that always looks so rich because of all the secret undertones that you can layer underneath it for greater intensity. This touch of beautiful purple adds a mysterious color to your personality.

Plum hair

Strawberry hair

Taiwanese singer Ouyang Nana's cool-toned sangria red hair contains a mix of warm red and some blue pigment, making it more pink than copper, says Kell. The pro deems the magenta hue "very versatile," which makes it a smart option for those easing into the trend. This color looks a little lighter than the plum hair color, but also darker than pink, pure and charming.

strawberry hair

What should we pay attention to when choosing a hair color?

1. Skin Tone

It’s no secret that our skin tone and hair color are inextricably linked. The undertones of our skin are often mirrored in our natural hair color. Determining what type of undertones you have naturally can help a lot during the research phase of finding your new hair color. While you’re combing social media in search of your new hue, it can be helpful to narrow down your choices based on people who have the same undertones as you. There are many different ways to determine whether or not you have warm, cool, or natural undertones. One of the easiest is to look at your eye color:

warm undertones: Brown, amber, or hazel eyes

cool undertones: Blue, green, gray, or violet eyes

Skin Tone

The undertone of the hair color that you choose, will either highlight or downplay your skin undertones. If you have a ruddy complexion that you are looking to counterbalance, it is best to choose a hair color with cool undertones. This will visually neutralize the appearance of rosiness in your skin.

The same effect can be applied if you want to “warm up” a naturally pale complexion. Choosing a new hair color with warm undertones can help to bring out rosiness in the skin. Want to highlight a naturally warm skin tone? You can bring out those gorgeous rosy, yellow, and orange skin tones with traditionally warm hair colors like copper, bronze, and gold.

eye color

Copper hair: Warm Skin Tones, specifically ruddier rusty tones.

Plum hair: Cool and Warm Skin Tones.

Strawberry hair: Cool Skin Tones

2. Personality

Personality-Copper hair

Feeling more confident about the way that we look can have very real implications for the way we feel about ourselves in other areas. Even if the hair color transformation itself isn’t the catalyst for a confidence boost, just stepping into that sense of control—that we get to determine how we look and also how we feel about it—can be enormously empowering.

Copper hair: mature and successful

Plum hair: mysterious and elegant

Strawberry hair: lovely and sweet

3. Makeup and wardrobe

Hair color, makeup, and clothing can combine to make you look more harmonious. If your hair color is a stark contrast to your skin tone. it provides a visually dramatic backdrop. You can play this up with dramatic eyes or lips, or downplay it with something more neutral. The important thing is to give yourself time to play with new colors and techniques until you find the right overall look for you.

make up

Another important factor is the clothing. Clothes are the external embodiment of a person's character, they should be harmonious with your hair color, and makeup, otherwise it will look self-defeating. For example, your hair color is plum. This hair color is a bright color, which itself will create a mysterious and noble color for you. If you pair it with a brighter color, this visual contrast can be imagined. In general, our clothes can best match our skin color. Warm skin can be worn in some light colors, such as gold, gray, and brown. Cold skin can consider light tones, such as blue, green, or orange. And your hair color choice should match your clothes. This could mean buying yourself new clothes to prepare yourself for your new hair color.



All things considered, a drastic change in your hair color can have a truly dramatic impact on your life. So, if you are looking to impact your look, personal style, attitude, and behavior this year, maybe the best place to start is at the salon.

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