Step By Step High Ponytail Without Using 360 Wigs

Can you put a 360 wig in a high ponytail? Or can you do a high ponytail or up-do hairstyle without a 360 wig? Beautywithty shows us how to quickly and efficiently install a 4c kinky edges wig and style it into a curly hair updo.

What’s The 4C Kinky Edges Wig?


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Do you have a clear understanding of the texture of hair? Nowadays, many people will choose "A, B, C," etc. to represent different textures. 4C hair is curly hair with small curls. The Sunber kinky edges wig has been upgraded on the basic style, adding a naturally curly hairline part, so that your wig looks like it has grown normally, and it also supports you to do any hairstyle.

How To Do A High Ponytail Without 360 Wigs?

How to use the latest wigs to make a high ponytail or bun style? BeautyWithTy shows us the detailed method.

First of all, we need to wear the wig comfortably and fit well. This may require scissors (or an eyebrow trimmer) to cut off the excess lace, and glue to secure the front lace. You can also prepare a powder that matches your skin tone if you want a more natural look.

The second step is how to achieve a high ponytail on the basis of wearing a wig. We need to divide the hair into upper, middle, and lower parts, and leave a part of the wig on the top of the head and the back of the head. Comb the ponytail in the middle part, then divide the hair below into two parts and stick it on the ponytail, but at this time you will find that the wig cap at the bottom will be pulled up. At this time, we need to use a few wire clips to pass our hair through to cover it up. The two parts of the top wig can be combed smoothly according to the hair growth direction, which will make our hairstyle very natural without using the 360 lace wig.

Finally, arrange your bun properly so that it hangs down naturally.

Why Choose A 4C Kinky Edges Hair Wig?

Sunber 4C Kinky Edge Kinky Curly Skin Melt Lace Front Wigs

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☆ Boasting a soft texture and minimal tangles, this wig is one of the best-reviewed wigs for women's hairstyles right now.

☆ It has a very natural African hairline design, which saves time and requires less technology for our daily wear and is also very friendly to beginners.

☆ In addition, we also launched a 6x4.75 size lace area, providing more choices for women who love wigs.

How to Achieve a High Ponytail Using Other Methods?

In addition to the high ponytail we mentioned above using lace wigs, we can also use a quick weave to achieve it.

A year ago, Sunber R&D Department also launched a new type of weave hair - a high ponytail with weave, which is a wig weaving that can help us quickly realize ponytails. So how to do a ponytail with weave?

sunber high ponytai with weave

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1. Using a rubber band to tie your own hair into a ponytail.

2. Put your hair into the pocket, and the wind fork onto the rubber band.

3. Using the extra section of hair to wrap around the closure. then fix it by bob pin.


The classic high-ponytail can bring women a variety of choices, and matching it with different hair accessories will make you look brand new in no time.

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