Which color of wig looks most natural?

Which color of wig looks most natural?

In the world, more and more women believe that it is necessary to wear the human hair wigs to get a realistic look and have the beauty and confidence of a whole natural hair. We like to wear artificial and natural wigs. In fact, if we choose high-quality real human hair wigs, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is 100% real-human hair. But Sunber hair provide high-quality, 100% real hair wigs in various lengths and colors.

Which color of wig looks most natural?

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But to be honest, when we wear wigs, we would rather not let the world know. Because it is not only difficult for us to accept the whispers of others but if the correct wig is not selected or worn incorrectly, it is easy to fall off or be recognized by others it's a wig, which will cause a lot of trouble in our daily life.

When you want to choose a wig that suits you, you will see various colors, but which color wig looks more natural and suits you better? Next, I will explain the wig color selection suggestions, so that many novices can choose the wig that suits them.

Highly recommend the new color wig-FB30

Highlight Dark Glueless Headband Wigs FB/30 Color

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Among the many colors, brown, black, and other like brown colors look healthier and more energetic, and wigs of these colors are also the most popular types. These colors come with a high-cold temperament and super noble temperament. In addition, they are also very independent of age and skin tone. The most important thing is that brown hair color is not ugly even if the color fades, coupled with a suitable hairstyle, it is more fashionable and full. Are you still choosing hair color? FB30, a new cold brown, you can consider it.

Sunber Balayage Highlights 13x4 Lace Front Wigs Free Part #1b/30 Dark Roots Body Wave Human Hair Wigs

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The shoulder-length hairstyle, coupled with a cool brown with a high-cold temperament, makes this relatively ordinary-looking hairstyle a little more fashionable. Although the hair does not have a curling design, the ends of the hair have a natural curved curvature, coupled with the airy dragon beard bangs that modify the shape of the face, so that this cold brown hairstyle has a reduced age and sweet taste.

Hard to resist the temptation of the Ombre color wigs

Sunber Hair Pre Plucked Lace Frontal Wigs 150% Density Ombre T4/613 Color Blonde Body Wave Virgin Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair

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The gradual long hair is really super sweet, and it's so beautiful that I breathed in the sun, it's really too exciting.

Regardless of whether you have thin hair, low volume, or insufficient skin tone, these fluffy perm design shoulder-length curls, coupled with a white cold brown, can instantly improve your appearance. The fluffy hairstyle has the visual effect of increasing the amount of hair, coupled with the bangs that can modify the face and the cool brown that shows the temperament, the overall style can be said to have increased a lot of fashion.

What color is 613 blonde in wigs?

Sunber 613 Blonde Color Straight Bob Wig 100% Human Hair For Women 13 By 4 and 13 By 6 Lace Front Wigs 150% Density Human Hair Wigs

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In terms of color, bleached blonde is a warm tone blonde mixed with lighter hair. If you have natural black hair and want to become blonde, you can choose a gradient shade because you can easily transition to that color.

The bleached blonde wig in #613 has a slightly yellowish tint than the lightest blonde wig. If you want your hair to be bleached blonde hair from yellow tones, then this color will be your ideal choice.

You can also mix this shade with other colors of the same color to create a golden but prominent golden hair effect.

Blonde highlight piano color avoid the unnatural embarrassment of brown hair

Sunber Blonde Highlight Piano Color 4 By 4 Lace Closure Wig Human Hair Hand Tied Lace Part Wig Long Straight Hair 150% Density

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The most frightening thing about dyed hair is that the black hair at the roots of the hair grows out soon after. Then it formed a sharp contrast with the dyed hair, which looked particularly non-mainstream killing Matt. Brown is fine. Our hair will look a little brown under the sun, and the stitching of brown and black is not embarrassing.

This wig is a super long hair, its length is up to the bottom of the chest. And it uses a long straight styling, and the part above the hair tail is treated with a long straight hair that is vertical styling, which is very charming. The color of the wig, blonde highlight piano color, creating a sense of gradation, let the whole hairstyle feel very light, and the hair ends are draped around the chest at will, which is very intellectual and elegant, and at the same time increasing the natural transition of hair color, so that the hair is no longer monotonous. The overall color, blonde highlight piano color, is not eye-catching but can highlight the changes, and at the same time can set off the good skin tone of the face.

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