3 Tips For Wearing Wigs In Summer & Warm Weather

With increasing temperature, the summer is coming. If you go out wearing a wig and put on your hair, you will feel hot, sweaty and weighed down, then doubt your life. It will stick to your back when you get hot and sweat. In addition, you will also sweat on your face when you go out to make-up in summer. However, there are 4 tips for wearing wigs, no need to sacrifice your wig altogether in the summertime.

The hairstyle you should have in summer

For the little fairy with long fluttering hair, it is not recommended to tie up the hair directly. It looks rigid and uninspiring. You can try this simple lady's hair tie. Use a silk scarf as a hair rope to give more possibilities to simple hairstyles of perfect ponytail, and to make your hairstyle more eye-catching and fashionable all at once. Whether it is a high ponytail, a low ponytail or a playful ball head, plus a silk scarf can enrich the original monotonous hairstyle.

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  1. Perfect Ponytail
  2. Rope Braid Ponytail
  3. Bubble Ponytail
  4. Loop-Side Ponytail
  5. Top Knot Bun
  6. Messy Bun
  7. Double Twisted Bun
  8. Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle
  9. Floral Twisted Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle
  10. Twist-Back Hairstyle
  11. Half-Up Rope Braid
  12. Heatless Headband Waves
  13. Fishtail Braid
  14. Dutch Braid
  15. Double Dutch Braids
  16. Triple Braid Hairstyle
  17. Fishtail Updo
  18. Easy Twisted Side Bun
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If you have curly hair, each of these styles is easy to replicate, and at most, they'll require five minutes of bobby pins and hair spray. The real problem is that when I recommend these hairstyles to you, you feel a sense of inability to start.

  1. Romantic Updo: This updo looks romantic but it's hilarious simple. Even better—it fast styling.
  2. Sky-High Pony: The beauty of this hairstyle is how easily you can dress it up or down depending on the different event.
  3. One-Minute Side Braid: Don't be fooled by how pretty this half-back hairstyle is. It literally takes 60 seconds.Sleek Updo: This effortless style perfectly suits a summer party or festival.
  4. Messy Half-Bun: Half-buns somehow look good on every hair texture and length, which is probably the reason that the trendy look hasn't gone away.
  5. Low Bun With Braids: Here's a genius hairstyle that's especially great for those with curly hair and natural texture.
  6. Headband: We're constantly inspired by the minimalist approach to gorgeous curly hair. And here it proves you don't necessarily need a lot of lengths to elevate your look.
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The breathability of wig cap

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If you’re not confident putting on a wig cap, check out the dedicated guide. Having a moisture-absorbing layer between your scalp and wig can help with the heat in summer. Consider either wearing a wig cap or alternating between wearing wigs and light headwear when the weather gets warm to give your scalp regular breaks. The breathability of a wig cap depending on the material, capsize, softness, etc. The most popular wig cap is nylon.

The most important is the wig itself

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When we are faced with all kinds of wigs, we will be dazzled. We don’t know which wig is suitable for us, and which type of wig to use in the season. What factors need to be paid attention to when choosing. We may encounter various wigs. After embarrassment, I concluded my own method. But in summer or when it is hot, the main basis for choosing a wig is to choose the one with the best air permeability and the right density.

First of all, start with the selection of density, 100%-180%, sometimes you can see other ranges. The higher the density, the more the number of hairs. In hot weather, it may be more suitable to choose a lower density.

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Secondly, the material is very important. The hair material, the inner net and the accessory material used determine the quality and wearing effect of the wig. Without knowing the production process, the quality level of a wig can be judged from the appearance and material of the wig. Our wigs are 100% real human hair, mainly lace, there are transparent lace and HD lace, we also have headband wigs without lace. Also very important is lace design, you can select T part, U part, three part , lace front and lace part, etc. Different lace designs have different breathability.

Third, what needs attention is the maintenance and installation of wigs. Every product on our website has a YouTube installation video, as well as a guidebook on how to maintain it. It is very simple and convenient to learn and easy to operate.

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